Tonight Donald Trump Ripped U.S. Foreign Policy on a State-Owned Russian Television Network


Read the headline to this post.

Then read it again.

Now, if you support Donald Trump for the presidency, ask yourself this: “What if, before tonight, Hillary Clinton went on a state-owned Russian television network and ripped U.S. foreign policy?” No, wait. Let’s take it a step further. Remember 2008, when the GOP and Fox News did absolutely everything it could to turn the funnily named Barack Obama into an enemy of America? Remember when it tied to him a reverend named Jeremiah Wright? Remember when Sean Hannity repeatedly claimed that Obama did not love our nation or respect its values? Remember when Sarah Palin spit out the name, Barack Huuuuusseeeeiiiin Obama? Over and over again?

Remember that?

Now imagine what they would have been saying had Barack Obama appeared on a state-owned Russian television network and ripped U.S. foreign policy. Just imagine.

Tonight, Donald Trump ripped U.S. foreign policy on a state-owned Russian television network. The information was first reported in the Washington Post, which means Trump’s lemmings can scream, “Media bias! Media bias! Media bias!” Only, well, this isn’t media bias. It’s truth. Jarring truth. Truth that would bury any other presidential candidate.

By now, though, we all know Donald Trump isn’t any other presidential candidate. He’s a bully and a thug who can do and say whatever he pleases without the fear of being dumped by his loyalists, questioned by the majority of his party or challenged by the media in any substantial way. You see, Hillary Clinton has an e-mail scandal. And while it’s well-worn territory, it’s been turned THIS BIG by a press corps raised on the theory of reporting equivalency. What this means, in simpler language, is that reporters are raised to believe all coverage must be even. Therefore, if you have negative information on Trump, you have to have negative information on Clinton, too. Because heaven forbid someone accuses you of bias. Therefore, whenever Trump does something like, oh, appearing on Russian television to rip the nation he aspires to lead, or mocking a reporter with disabilities, or running a fraudulent university that bilked myriad poor people, or decimating Atlantic City, or failing to pay dozens of contractors, or ridiculing a Vietnam POW for being captured (in a war he repeatedly dodged), or paying off a politician planning on investigating his shadiness … the media needs to say, “And then there are Hillary’s e-mails …”

But here’s the thing: It isn’t an even battle. Donald Trump lies over and over and over and over. For the past two days, he’s talked about his opposition—beginning with Day 1—of the Iraqi invasion. This simply is not true. Put different, it’s pure bullshit. But he repeats it. And repeats it. Even sounds honest doing so. Ultimately, the transgressions become so unruly, the press loses track.

Then it returns to the e-mails. Because that’s the simple thing to do.

Tonight Donald Trump ripped U.S. foreign policy on a state-owned Russian television network.

It’s disturbing.

It’s disgusting.

It’s disqualifying.

And it won’t make a damn difference.

2 thoughts on “Tonight Donald Trump Ripped U.S. Foreign Policy on a State-Owned Russian Television Network”

  1. Trump has been running his campaign on an “America Sucks” slogan for 18 months. Literally nothing he says matters to the people that love him.

  2. A lot of people admired Mussolini just before WWII, because he made the trains run on time. What I know from very personal experience is that Russia internally is going to Hell in a handbasket, whatever a handbasket is, and that lots of Russians are eager to leave, if they only could. And why not? The Ruble and the economy in general are in the toilet. Government corruption is endemic and corrosive. That brilliant leader, Putin, has made the country into a Potemkin Village, reliant on high prices for certain natural resources, which are now at historic lows. No real viable industry to speak of. Life expectancy, especially for males, is at the very low end for the industrialized world. At some point, population demographics are going to implode the country. Yeah, you bet, he’s really helping Russia’s “interests.”

    Russia has a lot of brilliant — demonically brilliant — computer hackers,as the DNC has learned to its chagrin. But they all want to come here! The Trumpster can tell us the U.S. sucks and is going downhill all he wants. And there is some truth to that, in part because of the indefatigable efforts of him and his ilk to make the U.S. into a Third World country, with a growing disparity between the wealthy few and all the rest of us. The obvious rejoinder to that is, if so, why are so many people from other countries — multimillionaires as well as the “wretched of the earth,” moving heaven and earth to move here?

    But then, the Trumpster has never been hampered by trivia like facts, truth or logic. And anyway, who can even decode his verbal salad? I’m reminded of Sen. John Pastore’s remark about Barry Goldwater at the 1964 Democratic Convention, “We cannot wait until Monday to have Sen. Goldwater clarify what he meant when he spoke on Friday.” This is even worse, though, because at least Goldwater was consistent. Trump’s only inconsistency is his Jabberwocky, discursive, random and chaotic thought process.

    And boy, is he ever crappy reading from a teleprompter.

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