The Wisconsin tour


I’m writing this from my hotel room in Milwaukee at the end the first day of my Tuesday-thru-Friday promotional swing of the state.

Earlier tonight I spoke at (drum roll, please …) the Elm Grove Library, located just outside of the city. I truly didn’t know what to expect because: A. I’d never heard of Elm Grove; B. Signings terrify me; C. There’s the whole “When did Aaron Rodgers call Brett Favre ‘grandpa’ mini-controversy”; D. I once spoke at a library and three people attended. Two were my mom and dad.

Anyhow, I arrived and the parking lot was packed. Walked in, saw a big poster featuring … me! Was warmly greeted by Jeff Horrigan, former Red Sox beat writer and current Milwaukee resident, as well as Drew Olson, the veteran Milwaukee radio/writing star. One of my old pals from college was also in attendance.

It turned out to be fantastic. Spoke for, oh, an hour, took a bunch of questions, probably signed about 80 books.

OK, off the bed. Sorry for the lameness.