Thoughts on, OMG: The Best Trump Video You Will Ever See

So a few minutes ago a friend of mine forwarded me an e-mail she was sent by a relative. It was one of those mailings most people on the left never see. I’m going to paste it here, then—after you’re done reading—let’s talk. Oh, it was accompanied by the above YouTube video …


I generally don’t like to discuss politics but the USA is at a crossroads on how our country will be run in the future.  The central question of this election is,  will it be run primarily for the people or primarily for  a select group of special interest groups.  Frankly, I’m getting too old to really care about who wins the election because it will not affect me as much as you and your children. Yes, The Donald  is a brash New Yorker who speaks his mind in a very non-political way, but he generally speaks the truth from his heart and is the only one who can take on the current corrupt political system we have because he can’t be bought.   This may be your last chance to change what’s going on. More and more Wiki Leaks are  showing what he has been saying all along… That many of the Washington politicians, the Clintons, much of the news media and big corporations  are in collusion to pad their wallets and protect their political clout  at the expense of millions of middle class Americans like us who have been the backbone of USA for 200 years.  

I hope you listen to this You Tube video before you decide who to vote for on election day.  Good food for thought.


So, here’s the thing. Donald Trump isn’t merely a brash New Yorker who speaks his mind in a very non-political way, but general speaks the truth from his heart. He is, in fact, a man who lies. And lies. And lies. And lies. And lies. He doesn’t lie in the way of a politician, who generally lies to exaggerate a point. No, Donald Trump lies habitually. About everything. About anything.

I’m working on a book about the old United States Football League. He lied when he bought a team about his intentions. Then lied about Pete Rozelle promising him an NFL franchise. Then lied under oath on the stand. He lied to the (generally) poor and middle-class students who attended Trump University. He lied about Ted Cruz’ father being involved in the JFK assassination. He lied about Barack Obama’s place of birth, then lied about having proof of Barack Obama’s place or birth, then lied about having people on the ground in Hawaii investigating Barack Obama’s place of birth. He lied about his net worth, lied about his business record, lied about his stance on the invasion into Iraq, lied about seeing people celebrate in New Jersey after 9.11, lied about groups holding moments of silence for the Dallas shooter, lied about the details of San Bernardino. Hell, I can go on and on. But here’s a great list.

Even worse, as I see all the rural white men and military veterans planning on voting for Trump, I can’t help but ask, “Why?” Or, even better, “What has this man ever done for you?” He repeatedly dodged the draft, mocked POWs as non-heroes, gave $0.00 to 9.11 charities after the terrorist attacks. He has refused to pay scores of blue-collar workers, then—again—ripped off people seeking success with his bullshit university. He actually has his own charitable foundation, but doesn’t put his own money into it. In fact, he has used the donations to purchase possessions for himself.

Donald Trump has never cared about the middle class. Or the lower class. Or, really, even the upper class. He cares about himself, and only himself. His fuel is narcissism; building up his own brand and name in the pursuit of power and prestige. Worst of all, he is a huckster. A con. When I was a kid, I remember visiting New York City and seeing the street-corner shell games, where suckers would approach with $100, see the chance to expand their wealth … and leave empty handed.

That is Donald Trump.

Lastly, I encourage you to watch the video. Listen to the words. As a Jew, I know an anti-Semitic  dog whistle when I hear one. The language is code. The words are deliberate. There are these people, the elite power Jews, and they are against you. But I, Donald Trump, am not.

Elect me, and I will stop them.

Elect me, and I will save you.

Elect me, and …

You’re being conned.

You are.