I accept your apology


Dear Trump Voter:

I accept your apology.

Whether you’re apologizing tonight, or next week, or next month, or even a year from now—I accept your apology, and appreciate the sincerity of your words.

You bought Trump’s miracle hair growth formula, because—much like those of us who visit faith healers and lose-20-pounds-per-hour diet clinics—you wanted to believe. You loved what he was saying. Big wall. Mexico will pay. Jail Hillary. Jobs for everyone. Punish China. Make America great again. And, truly, you’re not alone. The man convinced the majority a whole lot of American voters that he had the answers. Just as he once convinced USFL owners and Trump University students and Atlantic City casino investors that he had the answers. It’s what con men do. They con, and you fall for it.

So, again, it’s all good. I actually feel for you, because acknowledging a mistake of this magnitude isn’t easy. But when you read the actual details of the Carrier deal, you knew. Or when you saw him bungle communications with Taiwan, you knew. Or when you saw him compliment the Filipino leader’s efforts to wipe out drug abuse by murdering users, you knew. Or when you caught some of his late-night Tweets, you knew. Or when you saw him hire am avowed anti-Semite, you knew. Or when you heard him praise Obamacare, you knew.

You knew.

Whatever the case—at some point you realized that, as much as you dislike Hillary Clinton, at least she’s not an insane person. And right now, thanks in small part to your excitement over a fraud, we are led by, well, a fraud. An insane fraud. Who doesn’t understand geopolitics, and probably couldn’t name for you the capital of South Dakota or the British prime minister.

So, hey, we’re all good. And if America exists the next time we meet, I’ll buy you a beer.






Jeff Pearlman

2 thoughts on “I accept your apology”

  1. Hi,
    I found this blog through an old saved webpage that I re viewed this morning, It is from a blogger here in NYS. Any how, I read your president elect post. I have to agree a little, but he did win the electoral vote. He is a showman, a business owner, a father and a husband here in this great land we call America. Hasn’t Obama lied, moved away from previous statements and used his executive power to govern although the American sentiment was split or against his view point? If so does that make President Obama a fraud? And is Steve Bannon an anti Semite? Can you provide me with proof of that? I have read the headline news a little, but I did just read a statement from Bannon where to sum it up he says that he and Breitbart provided a platform form for many ideas to be expressed. And not all of those ideas are his belief. I’m not a Bannon supporter, and before the election I could not have told you who he was. I’m certainly not an anti Semite and love all good people, but is there any proof of him being an anti Semite? It was a crazy election, I had to turn it off at points. “Its going to be a wall, a big wall, and Mexico is going to pay for it” over and over again. It drove me nuts sometimes, but lets see where America is in 1 year from January. He is inheriting an up swing economy that had no where to go but up. Even though I’m not an Obama supporter Id like to shake his hand and say good job (Except for with ISIS and Iraq). Go America!! Get stronger, be understanding, keep us and our democracy safe. And if someone is truly a racist, they don’t deserve to be in the Whitehouse.

  2. Ahhh, about that ISIS thing. Not so much. This is one of the BIG LIES of the Trumpies. In fact, Obama’s strategy has pretty much broken ISIS as a state (not as a decentralized terrorist threat, because regrettably there will always be terrorist cells, but as a state within Iraq).

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