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Is it wrong that I like when Norma licks my feet?


So we have a pretty heated debate going down in the house over the past few weeks. Namely, is it wrong that I like when my dog, a cockapoo named Norma, licks my feet?

To be clear, there’s nothing perverse or perverted going down here. Nothing like (ew) this or (double ew) this. It’s just that, I don’t really enjoy when Norma licks my hand or face, because then you’re stuck with dog drool affixed to primary body parts that function in important ways. Feet, on the other hand, are just feet. They’re on the ground, they offer balance and support but little more. If a dog licks them, well, it matters not. You are not impacted. Plus, it feels nice. Sorta like the end of a pedicure (not that, ahem, a tough guy like Jeff Pearlman would know what a pedicure feels like).

So is it gross? For Norma—100 percent yes. But for me, Norma’s owner?

I say no.