The weird animating of the inanimate


This is an admittedly random thought, but has anyone else ever considered how odd it is that we humans take such great pleasure in animating the inanimate?

For example, superheroes. They don’t exist. Really, they don’t. They’re completely made up, and no matter how desperately you’d love to fly over the Grand Canyon and bend metal with your mind and run from here to Bethesda in two seconds, it’s not going to happen. So why such excitement when, say, a new Batman flick hits theatres? Sure, the pure enjoyment of a film is a factor. But what about the Batman Happy Meals? And the Batman T-shirts? And Frosted Flakes paying Warner, oh, $10 million to place Batman on the cover of boxes of cereal? How to explain such a thing?

Last month, GQ put Bruno on its cover, and ran an interview of Bruno, the character. But, in real life, there is no Bruno. And the movie supposedly sucks. So what gives?

My opinion: Life is boring. Not all of it. But a lot. So we try and fill the voids best we can. If it ends up being semi-inane, well, no biggie. Such is life …