I am addicted to a 32-year-old song


So I recently subscribed to Apple Music, which means I suddenly have access to every song that’s ever existed.

This is good, in that I can roll with Tupac for hours upon hours.

This is bad, because I’m now hooked on the song “Separate Lives” by Phil Collins and Marilyn Martin. I don’t quite know how this happened. I was driving home from San Diego two nights ago, toying with my new toy, and suddenly I thought, “Hmm … that song from ‘White Nights’ … that was pretty good.”

Next thing you know, I was playing it and playing it and playing it. Then I Googled it. Then I Googled “Marilyn Martin.” Then I found out Marilyn Martin is now a Nashville-based Christian singer who dabbled in real estate. Then I e-mailed her, requesting a Quaz. Then I realized the song was written by the great Stephen Bishop. Then I was YouTubing Stephen Bishop singing “Separate Lives.” Then I was e-mailing with Stephen Bishop.

This is who I am. For good and for bad. I get my hooks in some obscure pop culture thing from long ago, and my brain runs wild.