Falling for the con



Whether you like Donald Trump or hate Donald Trump, at least recognize a con when you see it.

The above paragraph appeared in today’s New York Times. It’s chilling, in that you’re being asked to believe a large company has decided to add 5,000 jobs—profit be damned—simply because of the Donald Trump-inspired “spirit and hope.” Think about that for a minute. In fact, ask yourself a question: Do you believe Sprint has added 5,000 jobs in the name of “spirit and hope”? That a multi-billion dollar corporation has put its stock value aside because it’s been so moved by Donald Trump’s stirring optimism?

Seriously …

This is what Donald Trump does. He did it with the USFL. He did it with Trump University. He did it in Atlantic City. He did it with contractors. He makes shit sound like gold. Then you buy it, bring the package home, open it.

And it’s shit, wrapped in gold paper.

Sprint is not adding 5,000 jobs because of “spirit and hope.” They’re not adding 5,000 jobs because of Donald Trump.

They’re adding 5,000 jobs because, somehow, it’s making them money.

Like Trump, hate Trump—it matters not.

Just don’t fall for the con.