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Ten films you need to stop and watch if they’re on TV


I’m lonely, bored and tired of writing my book. So here’s my new list: The Top 10 Flicks You Have To Stop & Watch if They’re On TV

1. Titanic: Flawed for myriad reasons, but a really great flick with 800 memorable lines.

2. Jerry Maguire: One of the best sports films ever, with 801 memorable lines. You complete me, Show me the money, You had me at hello, I air dry, The Kwan, Are you Hootie, etc …

3. Wedding Crashers: Really funny, and easy on the head.

4. A Walk To Remember: Mandy Moore dies, but she never looks especially sick.

5. Superman: Just a terrific movie, with a million excellent scenes.

6. The Cable Guy: My favorite all-time film.

7. Tootsie: Can’t go wrong.

8. Spice World: So insanely bad, it’ll rot your mind.

9. Predator: If it bleeds, we can kill it.

10. Meet Joe Black: But only if you crave sleep and a good night’s rest.