The (tear mocking) of a clown

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Not sure if you saw this, but the other day Chuck Schumer teared up when speaking about the refugee ban.

It was a pretty emotional moment, and pinpointed the pain associated with banning people from entering a nation that, throughout history, has saved millions of lives. Hell, whether you like Schumer or loathe Schumer, like the ban or hate the ban, you should—as a human—at least be able to understand the stirrings. Especially when you look into the man’s family’s Holocaust background; especially when you know his middle name, “Ellis,” is a nod toward Ellis Island.

And yet …

The president, whose heart is black, didn’t merely not give a shit. He went out his way to mock Schumer’s crying, Tweeting this …

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And I ask—where the fuck has our collective humanity gone? I’m being serious. How is this acceptable behavior for any American, let alone the president of the United States? How has it become kosher to mock, to ridicule, to lampoon? And who are the 93,000 people who LIKED the comment?

There’s a lot I can handle. Trump will appoint a far-right ideologue to the Supreme Court. OK. Trump will fill his cabinet with loathsome figures. OK. Trump’s appointees often fought to eliminate the very body they’re about to lead. OK. I don’t like it, but I can (begrudgingly) digest it. What I can’t handle is the decline in our decency. Trump’s words have made it OK to use those words; his dismissive bitch-slapping of our feelings and pain make it OK to dismissively bitch-slap feelings and pain. He is a callous man with a soul of coal and lard, and so many of us (I’m looking at you, “religious” and “spiritual” people) have knowingly (willfully) gone along.

I keep waiting for us to wake up; to see that we’ve been manipulated by an ugly thug with limited curiosity and power via aggressiveness.

I keep waiting.

And crying.

4 thoughts on “The (tear mocking) of a clown”

  1. Antonio D'Arcangelis

    You called it, Jeff. Black-hearted cynicism at its very worst. These are and will be difficult times, but we must resist this man and his cronies.

  2. Obviously, the “religious” and “spiritual” people you mention are nothing of the sort, and never have been. They wear their ‘faith’ on their sleeve so all can see, but aren’t able to follow the tenets of their “faith” when it collides with their anger, hate, and fear.

  3. It seems odd you’d claim bullying and mocking is localized. I wonder what Trump’s child would say about the ridicule he’s received at the hands of his father’s detractors.

    Both sides are irrationally hostile — and far too many are too close to the crumb, to steal from the poet, to see it.

  4. Let’s keep focusing on the big picture, Jeff. There are and will be so many genuine reasons to loathe Trump and his actions. Let’s not waste much energy criticizing his mocking of a pious blowhard politician’s self-serving monologue.

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