Magazine Cover of the Year

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This is the cover of the latest edition of Der Spiegel, a Germany news magazine. If you visit the publication’s website, the head actually drips into a splattering of blood.

I love this cover, because—simply—Donald Trump knows nothing about American history, American liberty, America’s role in the world. He sees it as his job to scare the living hell out of us, primarily through the scapegoating of people with dark skin and strange names.

I know there are many people out there who think Trump is a standup guy doing a standup job. Well, you’re either naive or dumb. He’s a bad guy doing an embarrassingly bad job. We are a laughingstock across the globe. We’ve become ugly, unreasonable, irrational, unlikeable. If you believe in angry Tweets and uneducated stabs at policy, this is your administration.

Otherwise, we’re a severed head.

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