It’s time to stop listening

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It’s time to stop listening to Donald Trump.

This isn’t the same as not paying attention. We need to pay attention to Donald Trump; to watch every move; to keep him in check.

But the words that emerge from his mouth? Useless.

In case you haven’t noticed, Donald Trump does several things quite often:

• A. He lies.

• B. He cites statistics that have been verified by no one.

• C. He uses phrases like “everyone knows” and “those people.”

• D. He thrashes the media, whether the media is 100-percent correct or not

• E. He only surrounds himself with people who kiss his ass.

So, truly, why are we listening? That press conference, for example—told us everything and nothing. Everything, in that his unhinged craziness showed us a president who should not be president. Nothing, in that he lied repeatedly.

Watch him.

Assess him.

Analyze him.

But don’t listen. It’s a waste of time.