“Can you help me get Instagram followers?” No.

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I woke up in a bad mood this morning, but then I had this gem of an exchange with a random Twitter follower, and it made me smile …

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A few thoughts:

A. It never, ever, ever, ever pays to call someone you don’t know a “prick.”

B. We’ve all done it.

C. To be clear—I will almost always re-tweet, share, endorse when it comes to a charitable endeavor, a colleague’s favorite story any sort of good cause. But, as the father of a teenager, I am well-versed in the “I need more Instagram followers” phenomenon, and it simply doesn’t strike me as a chase worthwhile of support. Or, put different, who gives a crap whether you gain another 14 Instagram followers based upon by Twittage mood? Why is that even a goal? I mean, are you trying to sell books? Pimp your car dealership?

But, alas, I came to learn that Brad Kirby is a just a kid, and kids are into this dreck. So now I feel like a jerk.

Brad’s Instagram page is here. He’ll be attending Kentucky next year.

Happy graduation.

1 thought on ““Can you help me get Instagram followers?” No.”

  1. Let me get this straight…You feel like a jerk because Brad is “just a kid” so it’s OK he called you a prick? Brad is attending Kentucky next year. He should fit right in.

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