The thinking that will doom us

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So in case you missed this, Donald Trump the orange puddle has decided to pull the United States out of the Paris Accord.

This is not merely bad news—it’s catastrophic.

Here, from the New York Times …

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Now, I’m not as upset as I should be, because I 100-percent knew this was coming. When you elect someone without empathy or understanding, it would be unrealistic to expect wisdom and compassion. So the accord was, for the puddle, a no-brainer. He only thinks about job numbers, and how they reflect upon his glow. In the mind of the puddle, environmental care does not coincide with productivity and growth.

That being said, we can—maybe—survive Trump. What we can’t survive, though, is thinking like this, which came from a guy on Twitter a few moments ago:

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Shawn Wilson is not alone. There are, literally, millions of people who view the earth’s decline as God’s will. As in—”He made this for us, and it’s up to Him what happens. So why worry?” And, I must imagine, it’s a lovely and reassuring way to process climate change. But, well, what about logic? Reason? Intelligence? What if He is merely mythology? Or what if God wants us to figure this shit out?

Then what?