Will the NBA champion visit the White House?

Will Donald Trump's dream of meeting James Michael McAdoo come true?

Will Donald Trump’s dream of meeting James Michael McAdoo come true?

Either the Cleveland Cavaliers or Golden State Warriors are about to win the NBA title, which means they’ll likely be invited to the White House to pose in the Rose Garden and shake (tiny) hands with Donald Trump.

But will they go?

LeBron James was a vocal Hillary Clinton supporter. Steph Curry has called Trump an “asset”—”minus the “et.” Steve Kerr has spoken out against Trump time after time after time. He’s no Greg Popovich, but he’s close. So, in light of Trump’s awfulness and the general NBA disinterest in the president, should the championship squad refuse an invitation?

Well …

Um …

Eh …


I’m a writer—but my voice’s reach is limited. My friends are also writers, as well as doctors, actors, bankers, construction workers, teachers, dancers, receptionists, accountants. Their voices are limited, too. LeBron James’ voice, Steph Curry’s voice, Kevin Durant’s voice, Kevin Love’s voice—huge. Loud. Powerful. They’re been gifted with a platform to show the country how they feel, and to express those emotions in a peaceful-yet-poignant way. I not only applaud that; I encourage that. And not merely for liberals. If Tom Brady disagreed with Barack Obama’s policies, and he chose to skip—hey, more power to him.

I don’t not believe in going along just to go along. A platform is a gift.

Use it.

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