The Congressional Black Caucus Gets It

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In case you missed this, the Congressional Black Caucus has refused a meeting with Donald Trump.

In other words, the organization gets it.

People on the right are criticizing the CBC; saying its members are bypassing a gilded opportunity to have their message heard. But, unlike the millions of suckers who voted for a street-corner conman, the CBC sees Trump for the self-absorbed fraud that he is, and always has been.

People like Trump love the idea of posing with a bunch of black faces, showing the nation, “Look! Look at me! Listening to the colo—eh, black people! Look at me!” But just as he spoke during the campaign of a desire to help gays and lesbians, Trump’s banter in regards to minorities is pure bluster. From the hiring of a painfully racist attorney general to depleting fundings to HBCs to a return to arcane sentencing to minimal crimes, his actions have screamed, “I don’t give two shits about African-Americans and their struggles!” Hell, just check out his history with housing discrimination. This is not a good man.

So why should the CBC give him the photo opp?

They shouldn’t. And won’t.

Here’s the letter the CBC sent yesterday. It’s brilliant …

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2 thoughts on “The Congressional Black Caucus Gets It”

  1. Good for them. It’s about time somebody told this clown to shove his photo op(s). Trump summons people like he is the king and expects them to come kiss his ring under the guise of dialogue. People are just props to Trump, to be used and then discarded. According to the above letter, eight times the CBC sent correspondence to Trump and his administration with their concerns, and eight times they were ignored. But when Trump calls, everyone is expected to “snap to”. Screw him.

  2. Why do we need a Black caucus any more? There was a white congressman who got elected to a Black district and wanted to join CBC to help his voters but was told nope. Disband them immediately

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