The Congressional Black Caucus Gets It

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In case you missed this, the Congressional Black Caucus has refused a meeting with Donald Trump.

In other words, the organization gets it.

People on the right are criticizing the CBC; saying its members are bypassing a gilded opportunity to have their message heard. But, unlike the millions of suckers who voted for a street-corner conman, the CBC sees Trump for the self-absorbed fraud that he is, and always has been.

People like Trump love the idea of posing with a bunch of black faces, showing the nation, “Look! Look at me! Listening to the colo—eh, black people! Look at me!” But just as he spoke during the campaign of a desire to help gays and lesbians, Trump’s banter in regards to minorities is pure bluster. From the hiring of a painfully racist attorney general to depleting fundings to HBCs to a return to arcane sentencing to minimal crimes, his actions have screamed, “I don’t give two shits about African-Americans and their struggles!” Hell, just check out his history with housing discrimination. This is not a good man.

So why should the CBC give him the photo opp?

They shouldn’t. And won’t.

Here’s the letter the CBC sent yesterday. It’s brilliant …

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