A remarkable video of an asshole cop

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This is nearly three years old, and it’s remarkable. Not because it doesn’t happen often (it does) and not because blacks aren’t regularly harassed by law enforcement (they are), but because it perfectly captures a police officer fucking with an African-American man, and doing so with snark, with arrogance, with unnecessary swagger. The look on his face alone screams, “I’m important, you’re an idiot”—and it’s infuriating.

I don’t know what happened to this cop, but I hope (against logic) that he was read the riot act, called to the carpet and demoted. A man pulling into a gas station, then pulling into another gas station is not—under any reasonable circumstance—cause for this sort of treatment.


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  1. The term “custodial” refers to the suspect being in custody. It doesn’t necessarily mean handcuffs. Rather, it means that the police have deprived the suspect of his or her freedom of action in any significant way. (See Is a traffic stop an “arrest” within the meaning of Miranda? ) “Interrogation” means questioning.

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