I am bewildered by flowerchild99


So tonight, just via the randomness of Twitter, I stumbled upon someone who goes by “flowerchild99.” I’m not entirely sure how she wound up on my screen, but … well, there she was.

Hell, here she is:

Screen Shot 2017-07-11 at 10.27.10 PM

And I have no beef with this woman, whose name I do not know. Truly, there’s no reason to think she isn’t anything but warm; that the conversation wouldn’t be lovely were we to meet at a Starbucks.

But, for today’s blog purposes, she also represents an America I don’t understand.

To begin with, flowerchild99 identifies—proudly, in her bio—as a “Catholic Christian” and an “English teacher.” Which suggests (again, probably rightly) that she would be anti-bullying, anti-mocking, anti-lying. It would also suggest that she’s educated and informed and can easily recognize the difference between a conman (like a Donald Trump) and a regular politician (like a John Kasich or Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio or Jeb Bush).

I’m being sincere here. Of the educated people I know (liberal and conservative), nearly all find Trump detestable, either because he treats people so awfully or because of his long and ugly history of not paying contractors, ripping folks off with a phony university, receiving five deferments to avoid military servicedonating $0.00 to 9.11 charities (and putting none of his own dough into his own charitable foundation), lying under oath during the USFL trial, calling for the death penalty for the (ultimately proven innocent) Central Park Five, cutting every possible corner with his Atlantic City endeavors, devoting four years to “proving” the first African-American president was in fact a Kenyan-born Muslim. On and on and on—Donald Trump has lived a life of preposterously little virtue and much grotesqueness; a life built on the bricks of greed and narcissism.

And, to be clear (because this will inevitably come up), I’m not saying Hillary Clinton is Ms. Wonderful. Shit, this isn’t even about Hillary Clinton—who lost the election.

What this is about is … well, I just don’t get it. Even today, with the news that the Trump-Russia ties are closer than ever (and that the president and his family have repeatedly lied about this issue), loyalists like flowerchild99—teacher, Catholic, proud American—refuse to see what’s before them. They continue to support this man, who (besides the words written for him in speeches) has never shown much interest in helping the plight of teachers, plumbers, electricians, writers … Americans. They nod and agree and clap and cheer …

… and I’m baffled.

Truly baffled.

Or, wait. Maybe I’m not. Because it was Mark Twain who once stated the line that perfectly explains Donald Trump’s never-to-be-deterred cult members supporters—”It is easier to fool someone than to convince someone they’ve been fooled.”


3 thoughts on “I am bewildered by flowerchild99”

  1. Again, I couldn’t disagree more with this article. Trump, more then any other politician that I know, speaks for the unheard American. Keep believing that we are a cult and the Dems will never win a national election again

    1. If indeed you were unheard (not likely), perhaps it’s because you were saying tons of stupid shit, like your dunce president regularly does.

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