Dear ♐Debbie ↔Trump ♐‏

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Dear :

One way or another I stumbled upon something you Tweeted out the other day. Specifically, it was this …

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I would laugh, were I not so horrified. By you. By your message. But your ignorant, hate-filled Twitter feed. Mainly, though, I am horrified by your willingness—either conscious and unconscious—to fall under the sway of a conman.

Please, stop barking. Just listen.

I understand if you dislike Hillary Clinton; if you dislike Barack Obama; if you dislike Jeb Bush and John Kasich and Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi and every elected politician. There’s a pretty widespread mistrust that has been fostered by decades of officials betraying (in one form or another) the trust of the electorate. So, yes, I get it. You’re angry and fed up.

But Donald Trump is not what you think he is. He’s not even 1/100,000,000th of what you think he is.

His track record is conning people—people like you. He smells your vulnerabilities and attacks. This is a man who started a fake “university” to bilk the hopeful of their money. This is a man who refused to pay hundreds of contractors—then sued those who challenged his authority. He doesn’t know or seek out righteousness (as an example, in the aftermath of 9.11 he donated to our city a grand total of $0.00 in moneys and 0.00 hours of time) and he possesses the curiosity of a stone.

Right now, you are a cult member, and I am the deprogrammer. And I realize I just committed a major blunder, because you want to say, “No! Liberalism is the cult! Snowflake! Snowflake!” But here’s the difference: While I’m a liberal, I’m not brainwashed enough where I would pledge my devotion and fealty to any figure. As an American, it’s actually my duty not to pledge devotion and fealty. That’s what makes our government so unique—it’s WE, the people; not HE, the grand leader.

But read what you posted again. Read it closely. “Call out the militia”? “Answer the call”? “Domestic enemies”?

Domestic enemies? Why, because we like Obamacare? Why, because we’re pro-choice? Why, because we voted for Hillary Clinton?

Domestic enemies? What the fuck are you talking about?

The man who pledge loyalty to might have colluded with Russia. Read that again: The man you pledge loyalty to might have colluded with Russia. Think about that. Stop screaming “Fake news” and Tweeting “#fakenews” and just look at the contacts, the ties. Also, the man you pledge loyalty to has overloaded his cabinet with greedy, ruinous capitalists. Hell, Google the roster. Also, the man you pledge loyalty to has never done a thing for America’s working class. N-e-v-e-r. Check out his resume. Not his words—his resume.

Read it.

Read it again.

You wanna answer the call to uphold and defend the republic? Please do.

It starts with a look in the mirror.

9 thoughts on “Dear ♐Debbie ↔Trump ♐‏”

  1. This is a very interesting article. Basically, you’re nuts, I’m not. As someone who recently was a liberal and then has “seen the light” you couldn’t be more wrong. This is a President who has seen more abuse dumped on him then any other President in history. That is what makes his supporters so ardent

    1. Troll.

      1. “More abuse than any other President in history.” Uh, my man: from tan suits to Dijon mustard to feet on a desk to being born in Kenya, I think the guy who occupied the White House from 2008 through 2016 might disagree with you on that.

      2. Please expound on ‘seeing the light’; what was it that shifted you to the GOP? How did you go from a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body or your views on the environment or having a safety net for people less fortunate than yourself or same-sex marriage or immigration or Medicare or voting rights or money in politics? Oh, that’s right: you didn’t. You never *were* a liberal. Thanks for playing.

      1. Ah my young lib friend. How I would like to have an intelligent discussion with you. Let me try. Regarding #1, there are ways to measure these things. Just check the recent Harvard studies about the negative way the press covers Trump and compare that to how they covered Obama. Trump 90% negative, Obama maybe 10%. Look at Hollywood. Any chopped off Obama heads, again nope. Political rallies, tea party against antifa. No contest. Much more negative toward Trump.

        #2 I believe in the rights of the unborn. Who speaks for them? This should be a liberal cause. And do you believe in LATE term abortions like Clinton does? Sad. Seriously, just ponder for a moment if your mother aborted you. This is not an attack or insult but just something to ponder. Why should the aborted children not have the same chance that you do? So yes, I am pro-LIFE, not pro-choice.

        So I assume that you drive a bicycle and don’t own a car and that you keep your air set at 80 degrees in the summer. I doubt it. Conservatives care just as much as the environment as libs do because we breathe the air too. Libs just talk a better game to make themselves feel better. The rest of your points are just idiotic and talking points.

        I was born a middle class Jew. Which automatically made me a lib. How I changed is actually an interesting story which if you are interested I will tell. That fact that I changed scares you a little I know. Because 20 years from now you might. As Churchill said, if you are 20 and are not a lib you have no heart, if you are 50 and are not a conservative you have no brains. So I voted straight Dem from HH to Gore, except for Carter, who I hated.

        So do you have the guts to “play” and not get nasty? Sadly, I doubt it.

      2. “I was born a middle class Jew. Which automatically made me a lib.” That, sir, is one of the most horseshit statements ever uttered by a Conservative.

      3. Sir, have you ever looked at Jewish voting records? It is not an insult to Jews but a humorous way to explain voting habits. Most Jews would agree with my statement. My guess is that you are not Jewish and are easily offended. Your loss.

      4. I am offended by those who use stereotypes so casually, then explain their usage as “humorous”. If that makes me “easily offended” so be it. As for your claim to have once been a liberal (the only evidence identifying as a middle-class Jew) and now are a conservative (who believes FOX News is legitimate), that is, again, horseshit.

      5. Very sad. This is why comedians avoid college campuses. No one has a sense of humor any more, mainly liberals though. Then you would really hate the comments that I make to the women that I play cards and softball with. Fortunately they know they content of my heart and are not offended and they enjoy my sense of humor. I guess that is why there is chocolate and vanilla ice cream, or does that offend you too. Have a great life Ted.

      6. If you quote Churchill at *any* age, you’re doing life wrong.

        But I’ll stoop to your sanctimonious level:

        “….if by a liberal they mean someone who looks ahead and not behind, someone who welcomes new ideas without rigid reactions, someone who cares about the welfare of the people- their health, their housing, their schools, their jobs, their civil rights, their civil liberties.. If that is what they mean by a “liberal” then I am proud to be a liberal. “~ John F. Kennedy

        Bennett, you make a lot of assumptions and, well, we all know what happens when one assumes.

        You called me a ‘lib;’ is it alright if I call you a ‘con?’ Would that be being ‘nasty?’ Tell me, my con friend: how can the press positively cover what’s happening in the White House when it’s largely negative?

        Can YOU reply and still be civil?

      7. I love this, are you kidding? I apologize if lib is an insult. You could call me a “con” if you explain what you are talking about, (not a convict). You made me look up the exact quote and apparently Churchill never said that. And various quotes use different ages. Never to old to learn so thank you.

        Do you really think that I was being sanctimonious? I just have strong opinions on certain things. Parts of the Kennedy quote are “sanctimonious”. So let me ask you a question. Do you believe that only liberals can support the ideas stated by Kennedy?

        And, hard to believe, I don’t view most of what goes on in the White House as negative. So far he is a con’s dream. So are you now agreeing Trump is being attacked more then any other President? Fox, which is legitimate news, is about 50/50 positive and negative. Much more realistic.

        One last question, did you think he had any chance to win?

        And you still don’t believe that I was ever a liberal?

        Hey, we both can be civil. In 2017 that is AMAZING!!!

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