Dear White Supremacist Marchers …

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… it’s me—John Stevens. I’m the boss as the feed warehouse where that guy on the left works.

… and it’s me—Randy Ott. I’m the boss at the accounting firm where that guy in the middle works.

… and it’s me—Malik Lewis. I’m the boss at the pharmacy where that guy on the right works.

… and it’s me—Candace Cohen. I’m the boss at the AT&T store where that guy with the mustache works.

… and it’s me—Hillary Chen. I’m the dean at the college where that kid in the plaid shirt attends.

Yup, it’s us. And, as a group, we’d like to say: You’re fired. Expelled. Dumped. Kicked to the curb, like a bunch of low-level racist asswipes.

Did you not think we’d recognize your faces? Did you not think this would get out? You know we have black customers, right? Oh, and Jewish ones, too. A couple of Asians even. Soooo … you’d probably have to agree they don’t really want to frequent businesses staffed by white supremacists. It’s funny how that works.

Say what you want about the pre-Donald Trump KKK—at least they were smart enough to wear hoods. You guys … look at you, marching around like you’re living in 1928 Virginia. You know we have iPhones, right? And TVs? Your faces are everywhere. You’re embarrassments to the world.

So, again, you’re fired.

Go sell your bullshit elsewhere.

187 thoughts on “Dear White Supremacist Marchers …”

  1. Please fire all KKK presidents, his regime and all racist and bigoted military instead of transgender personal too

  2. Amen. This is EXACTLY what we should be doing. ID these creatures, then confront their families, friends, employers, etc. with those identifications.

    1. spikefivefivefive .

      “This is EXACTLY what we should be doing. ID these creatures, then confront their families, friends, employers, etc. with those identifications.”

      That’s “exactly” what the Nazis did.

      1. Equating Jews with White supremacists and neo-Nazis? Yeah, that’s an apples-to-apples comparison. Next you tell everyone you’re not a racist, you just hang out where they are.

      2. Thats not how it work. Vilify and hunt down racists, homophobes and any other hate group based on nothing but being different. Hatred is a conscious decision. Enactment of hatred even more so. Again – shame on you for suggesting otherwise.

      3. The insinuation that there is hypocrisy here is ridiculous. No, it’s not “exactly”the same. Jews and homosexuals were vilified unjustifiably, with the “what the Nazis did” being concentration camps and murder. The Nazis had to be routed for their actions, which were morally wrong. Identifying, confronting, and giving consequences for stupid, wrong, hateful, dangerous behavior is NOT morally wrong. And please note that no one is advocating the death penalty as the rightful consequence for either their behavior or for being the individuals they are. So, again, not the same.

      4. Are you seriously trying to equate those who combat Nazis with Nazis? If so, you’re an extremely misguided individual. Nazism is not just another “belief” that deserves equal time and equal rights – it is literally pure evil. You’re basically saying, “The police shot a murderer who fired a gun at them? That’s “exactly” what the murderer did.”

      5. No it isn’t. The Nazis hounded certain ethnic minorities with the hope of stirring up united hatred to build a tighter, but morally morbid , Germany.

        Outing and targeting racists and anti-human groups and members OF those groups is nothing like the same thing. And shame on your for suggesting it is.

  3. This might be the most effective way to train the idiots; logical consequences. When they see that their views don’t fit in with the sane world, and they end up ostracized, maybe enlightenment will somehow spark on them.

      1. Those guys with the full military gear are not poor, dumb yokels. I happen to know how much that kind of shit costs. Those are guys with good jobs, and are probably educated. They’re just fucked in the head.

  4. You need to cite your sources. While it would be nice if this were true, I haven’t been able to verify any of the names given.

    1. Likewise….. can find no Hillary Chen listed as a dean of any American college, doesn’t mean there isn’t one, just none at a major school.

      1. you obviously don’t know your google very well…. I found her as Dean at Liberty University….. so I guess you are saying that is not a major school? by major do you mean Ivy League?

  5. These guys were not Born with Racism and Hatred in them, they were TAUGHT, usually at their Daddy’s knee……….This cycle of Hatred of all those different must stop….The sickness in these kids must be treated.

      1. I am sure their parents are too. Remember they think the world owes them something, poor oppressed white racists.

    1. But they bought into what they were taught. I have seen many children taught this same thing who resisted and will have no part of it.

      1. most very racist people i have met had extemely abusive childhoods. most of the time people who have been through that don’t often have a lot of confidence in themselves to think for themselves. their very own culture suggests using violence to “break” their own children in order to have better control over how they think and feel. very scary

      2. This is the saddest part of all: so many people who are “racist” are really just ignorant & confused. No, however, like these privileged pigs above. THESE people, by their own admission (OK, I am gong off the one interview that Peter Cvjetanovic gave), are just trying to make sure that no one gets an equal share of the pie. If only we could fix the economy, and SHOW the least informed members of our society just how well equality works, we wouldn’t have these problems.

      3. What does that mean “if only we could fix the economy and SHOW the least informed members of our society just how well equality works”?

      4. Sometimes, 9th grade dropouts, like the fascists, need to be shown things a few times before they get it.

      5. People that hate this deeply usually have a hole inside them that can only be filled by bullying, demeaning, and looking down on those they deem to be less than themselves. Money and power won’t cure this. Look at Trump, he’s the perfect example.

      6. I’m confused by trump supporters who tolerate these extremists in their party…who say nothing, or post lies from fox news- my brother was raised in the same home as me, with a liberal dad who supported stevenson vs Eisenhower- how does that happen?

      7. sadly, I have met MANY racists who have suffered NO abuse, but who grew up in areas where there were few, if any people of other skin tone, religion, or country or origin. they simply believe in the lies they told were told, whether by their parents, their friends, their teachers, or their neighbors. And they grew up with a sense of entitlement that resulted in their feelings being hurt when they found out that someone they had been told was “inferior” to them beat them out for a job, or a place at a school, or a girlfriend- not because of “affirmative action” but because that “other” had better qualifications. Or that “other” got a job that the poor white guy is not even qualified for, because he didn’t bother to get an education. because he believed that the world wasn’t really changing. Spaare me the “they were all abused” BS.

      8. sadly i have know infamous racists and had one of them tear up their flag. majority were abused…well the ones that we see in the iconography of a skin head that is. but Canada deosn’t have a south so it’s different. here they are more we dance hooray for Ernst Zundels passing. but all men are really racist, and sexist.if it ain’t race, it’s class.. from everywhere. So…. that these low level guys get the all the brunt whilst the higher ups are still in office. or were at home.means many are still not getting it and the race war they are allowing for us to perpetrate. I mean the real big time racists. not scared angry little boys who feel disenfranchised. lol

      9. spikefivefivefive .

        “but all men are really racist, and sexist.if it ain’t race, it’s class.. ”

        Bigoted and hypocritical much?

      10. spikefivefivefive .

        ” And they grew up with a sense of entitlement that resulted in their feelings being hurt …”

        “… is not even qualified for, because he didn’t bother to get an education. because he believed that the world wasn’t really changing.”

        Are you sure you’re not describing BLM?

      11. I am absolutely sure. I have met a lot of these white boys ( I can’t even call them men, because they are children in the bodies of men.

      12. However, responsible fatherhood only goes so far in a world plagued by institutionalized oppression. For black children, the presence of fathers would not alter racist drug laws, prosecutorial protection of police officers who kill, mass school closures or the poisoning of their water. By focusing on the supposed absence of black fathers, we allow ourselves to pretend this oppression is not real, while also further scapegoating black men for America’s societal ills.

        In 1965, then-New York Sen. Patrick Moynihan’s published “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action.” It argued that the number of women-led households in black communities was the largest obstacle to black people achieving economic and political equality. Since then, the issue of “missing black fathers” has been a top priority for black intellectuals, activists and community leaders, as well as a favored retort from people seeking to deflect from conversations about structural racism.” Looks like YOU, Spike trying to deflect from Racism!!!!!

      13. spikefivefivefive .

        PamB1 – “Looks like YOU, Spike trying to deflect from Racism!!!!!”

        If there is any racism going on, it is by the black men who walk away from their black children 74% of the time.
        And that’s when they make it out of the womb.

        Black women are responsible for a third of all abortions in the US.
        That’s translates to about about 2,000 black fetuses aborted by their black mothers EVERY SINGLE DAY.
        In some cities like NYC, it’s estimated that black women abort one fetus for each one they carry to term.

        Why do black men and black women hate their own children so much?

        Black Lives Matter

      14. Again – you’re inability to interpret dat is astounding. This is not your area of expertise. I suggest you walk in other circles because you have no ground here. Until you can argue proficiently and from a standpoint of facts, your just spouting numbers with il though back up – you seem to have no ability to read the information presented nor interpret statistic. Read it again.

      15. spikefivefivefive .

        “Again – you’re inability to interpret dat is astounding. ”

        Your inability to speak basic English is astounding.

      16. Michele Mayes-Gerra

        Ahh for the love of education…or lack there of in your case. 74% of kids in black families where a father is not present is not the same as 74% of black fathers leave. Holy Cow, you really need to take a reading comprehension class and maybe a stats class…However the Stats class looks to be a bit above your intelligence markers at the moment. Basically what you are doing is taking a stat and TRYING to make it say what it does not say in order to push your belief.

      17. spikefivefivefive .

        “Basically what you are doing is taking a stat and TRYING to make it say what it does not say in order to push your belief.”

        More “beliefs” can be found at:

        US Department of Justice
        US Department of Education
        US Department of Labor
        US Centers for Disease Control

      18. Michele Mayes-Gerra

        Then by all means post your link that says 74% of black fathers leave… You can’t because THAT is not what was said. Anyone can state their statements are sourced by the Government…however, when you fail to supply links to said Government sites and the reports you claim to be sourcing then we all know you are full of bullcrap. You are straight up ignorant. Lastly a 3 second Google search, proved you are full of crap and are trying to push racist lies…but hey, thanks for trying to say your stats about black fathers are true.

      19. spikefivefivefive .

        “Ahh for the love of education.”

        Which is a “3 second Google search” in your case.
        That’s some real education there.

        Do you dispute the disparate illegitimacy rate between race groups?

        US Department of Justice
        US Department of Education
        US Department of Labor
        US Centers for Disease Control

      20. WHO FUCKING CARES!! I do not care about abortion! thats a woman right. SO ?

        I couldn’t care less if all day long, black women decided they wanted to have abortions. That is their prerogative. Not yours. It STILL doesnt present a case for endorsing “racism”. Anyone who is racist , sexist, homophobic, etc etc – is intolerant. And intolerant people are just dumb, As dumb as they come. They down even get a nice little backed up argument. You’re



        that simple.

      21. It’s not my call. It’s a woman’s call. She may do with her body what she likes. It is not for a white, well off, privileged male to tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies. and yes – before you ask, I value the decision of the woman over the decisions of others wrt to the unborn baby UP to legal termination standards (defined in the UK – I prefer them over the USA definitions but that is merely a view). I’m eternally appalled at anti-abortionists view on controlling what a woman can and cannot do.

      22. the ones who have abandoned their children (and I know several) have done it 100%. You can’t partially abandon a child. And your idea that 74% of male parents of any race abandon their children is absurd. (Since you seem to be implying that non-white males abandon their children at a higher rate than whit male parents).

      23. spikefivefivefive .
      24. You have read stats wrong. 74% of abandoned kids coming from one ethnic group is not the same as saying 74% of a certain group abandon kids. You need to read more.

      25. spikefivefivefive .

        Are you asserting that the illegitimacy rate among all race groups is equal?
        … I didn’t think so.

      26. Are you asserting that cowboys like strawberry tarts? Its about as relevant. Try reading a) what the article says and b) what I wrote.

      27. What is the deal with these false equivalencies? Could you actually believe this crap, or are you baiting for fun, or are you just that incapable of careful thought? Either way, it’s already boring to see your pathetic attempts at being an “intellectual”, so, yawn…I’m out. No more trying to take you seriously.

      28. Any hate group should be vilified. If that includes more hate fuelled members of the BLM movement (for it is not an official group) then so be it. However, I do not see such equivalences. BLM are standing up TO the hatred. More power to them.

    2. historically true. but now can actually be taught via the internet. No terrorists of any ilk, is born that way. But technology now gives another path. Any teen, frustrated, or feels slighted in some manner, who don’t have a good set of core values, can be ‘converted’. It’s like joining a new friendly club. Except it ain’t …… !!

    3. it is a sickness… perpetuated by emotional and psychological abuse. or when someone has been abused by their family some creepy racist hones in on someone who is looking for a place to belong and takes advantage of someone needing love and help. instead they are taught hatred and violence. so very sad.

    4. Remember the letter posted by a dad disowning his son for participating. Said the family was not like that. Blame the Nazi; family may be horrified.

    5. Please stop calling them kids. They are old enough to vote, drive a car, join the military, get married, buy a house, sign a legal contract, get a job, serve on jury duty, buy a gun, so please stop calling them kids

      1. However, responsible fatherhood only goes so far in a world plagued by institutionalized oppression. For black children, the presence of fathers would not alter racist drug laws, prosecutorial protection of police officers who kill, mass school closures or the poisoning of their water. By focusing on the supposed absence of black fathers, we allow ourselves to pretend this oppression is not real, while also further scapegoating black men for America’s societal ills.

        In 1965, then-New York Sen. Patrick Moynihan’s published “The Negro Family: The Case for National Action.” It argued that the number of women-led households in black communities was the largest obstacle to black people achieving economic and political equality. Since then, the issue of “missing black fathers” has been a top priority for black intellectuals, activists and community leaders, as well as a favored retort from people seeking to deflect from conversations about structural racism.

      2. spikefivefivefive .

        So you deny the legitimate statistics then go on to make excuses for those statistics?


  6. This past weekend was terrifying. Not only has the convergence of hate groups allowed them to draw in an entire nation, but it also gave them an opportunity to react violently as they’ve always wanted. They also have an ally in the highest office of the land, who has the power and influence to quell their passion, but is instead unwilling to even give them a slap on the wrist.

      1. No, Anonymous had nothing to do with it. GoDaddy dropped them, and Google refused them. They put up the Anonymous thing themselves while they looked for another host, ultimately finding one in Russia.

  7. Name them. Shame them. Glad that democratic peace-loving Americans are fighting back. But be alert. Trump and his billionaire backers have pushed the fascist button. The same happened with the Hitler Nazi movement in 1930’s Germany. We have had similar expressions of hate in BREXIT Britain with the murder of a Labour MP and attacks on people whether Roman Catholic Polish or Islamic believers. We are entering dangerous times.

      1. Trump is the root here. He embolden them. They feel vindicated by the support he has shown them in his lack luster condemnation of “both sides”. He tore off his mask yesterday and claimed them as his own.

      2. Were there too many long words for you, Shirley, in William Holdsworth’s reply? In typical Trumpite fashion you don’t respond to logic; your ideas are too entrenched. Honestly, I don’t know why I’m bothering to even acknowledge you.

      3. As long as he surrounds himself with the likes of Bannon, Miller and Gorka he will continue to be the root. By allowing these deplorables access to the POTUS he gives credence and credibility to the actions we saw this past weekend.

      4. He’s a large part of it. The “white nationalists”, collectively, aren’t very bright. They actually believe that Trump cares about their worthless existence. They believe that Trump being in office gives them some kind of mandate. There is no shortage of right wing ignoramii in the US.

      5. spikefivefivefive .

        “He’s a large part of it. The “black nationalists”, collectively, aren’t very bright. They actually believe that Obama cares about their worthless existence. They believe that Obama being in office gives them some kind of mandate. There is no shortage of left wing ignoramii in the US.”

    1. William Holdsworth

      No Shirley I am not jealous of Trump’s wealth even though he may have got it by unsocial means. Trump is the puppet with strings attached to billionaire capitalists such as Charles Koch. Check out the late James McGill Buchanan who left millions of dollars via his mate Koch to create in collaboration with business tycoons and institutes a hidden programme for suppressing democracy on behalf of the very rich. This is now reshaping politics and not just in the US, There is a bonfire of regulations just as we have in the UK. There is a movement back towards fascist dictatorships in Turkey, and some Eastern European countries. Have you read the works of Ayn Rand the advocate of “the virtue of selfishness”. Her beliefs have become an important factor is the rise of Trump and his acolytes from Alan Greenspan to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. From Uber’s CEO, Travis Kalanick to many Republican senators. These same forces manipulated and funded the BREXIT Leave campaign in my nation. Behind them stand the KKK and many old Fascists, Nazi’s, climate change deniers. It was Irish and other working class people, like my father who went out to stand with the Jewish London East End people to stop Mosely’s Black Shirted fascists protected by police to march through Cable Street a few years before WW2. I was a street boy who also helped to stop these same thugs from marching along my streets. Then during the war I studied architecture to rebuild my nation and the destroyed cities of Europe and Russia whilst being bombed to bits. Time Shirley to study your own history of destroying the rise of independent working class organisations. Time for a new movement of constructive thinking. But to win it could lead to a civil war because Trump and his fixers are out to lie and manipulate those Americans I have admired since getting to know personally many of your young men and women who fought and died to be free people.

      1. I, too, am in London (dual national USA/UK) and am very intrigued by what you have written. A lot of it is news to me and I will look into it further. I am actually TIRED of slamming Trump, which I seem to have made a raison d’etre for the last 19 months, having lost a good many of my American friends of a lifetime, over it. But the good news is that we are reaching that thing called critical mass with his skills set and hopefully he will cleverly feign some life-threatening illness that will allow him to retire with what he perceives is dignity. He needs to get back to doing what he knows and let thinking people slug it out. I came along well after the war ended but I have been fascinated by the impact that Mosely had on people. If Donald John Trump were even halfway articulate and handsome – he would have had the nation eating out of his(tiny) hand. Thank you.

      1. William Holdsworth

        Get it right. Nobody named or shamed Hitler and his Nazi movement. The rich and powerful of 1930’s Germany backed Hitler. The people were lied too and believed the false news. In the USA the majority of the people hid behind non-aggression, listened to the siren calls of other semi-fascist groups and only entered the war after Japan bombed Pearl Harbour. In 1930’s Britain the rich and powerful as well as members of the Royal Family were friendly to Hitler. The Daily Mail, now an active supporter of UKIP and the hard Brexit stance supported Hitler in their snide way. I lived through this period when we had a weak man like Neville Chamberlain who bowed down to the madness that was sweeping across Western Europe and arrived home waving a useless piece of paper. Yes Churchill, the bellicose Tory who as Home Secretary had ordered the police to use firearms to destroy a strike of Welsh coal miners, became a counter to Hitler during our dark days when we were on our own. But in 1945 he returned to form when he described young people like me, a democratic socialist and member of the Labour Party as being like the Nazi’s.

        So come on you free thinking Americans drop the rich Democrats and form a new movement of social democracy but one with a cutting edge. You have shown that like the people of Boston you can come out on the streets in their thousands. Then note the Tweet of your so-called President when he talked about the Boston Police.

        How do you do it! To elect such people like Reagan, Nixon, Bush junior and now Trump. Is it that you need to have guns to show that you have balls!

  8. Stephanie Faith Wallace

    To be a fly on the wall while these ignorant shits are interviewing for new jobs and are posed with “why did you leave your former employer?” Even if they have short stretches of anonymity….. the internet and photos are forever and this will follow them the rest of their lives. Good on their employers for not only firing and expelling them but for not doing it quietly.

    1. Unfortunately for these people most companies these days Google prospective employees and go to Facebook profiles. I don’t see them getting hired for very long time

      1. Of course they’ll be hired again. . . Do you believe that there are zero racist business owners?

    2. Sadly I thought Hobby Lobby and Chick Fil A would tank after their positions were well documented. The truth of the matter was that the conservatives, etc rallied behind them. Some racist dude will jump at the chance to hire these guys to drive truck or be hydraulic hose salesman.

    3. spikefivefivefive .

      But what about BLM supporters?
      Oh wait, they will never know what a job interview is to begin with..

      “Good on their employers for not only firing and expelling them but for not doing it quietly.”

      Should you be fired for your political beliefs?
      Assuming you actually hold a job

  9. “White supremacy. That’s what you have. There is growing pressure on University of Nevada, Reno president Marc Johnson to move beyond his statement condemning Cvjetanovic and expel him from the university. More than 10,000 people have signed a petition calling for his expulsion, many of the signers are Cvjetanovic’s classmates who say they do not feel safe attending classes with him.” this is in an article at Daily Kos

      1. TBF, this is not the first moron I’ve seen with this: one moron made it up; the others are passing it around.

    1. You should stop believing in made-up lies. How many times will you fall for these after-the-fact cobbled-together photoshops? Oh, as many times as you want, is my guess.

  10. Well, well. All these young white dudes had jobs. And they thought they were “oppressed”. Yeah I’d say. By fucking stupidity. I don’t feel sorry for these schmucks. The tiki torch brigade of a bunch of jackasses who really don’t have any damn problems but thought they were going to participate in a KKK rally because they thought that was “cool.” I bet if you ask all of these punks they would tell you they thought they were part of something “grand.” Well welcome to the world of the unemployed. Maybe you now have something to snivel about but maybe not. Maybe your daddies will get you out of your mess like they probably have all your spoiled lives.

    1. Johanna Garsenstein

      I agree – and the fact that they have jobs, many have college degrees and are dressed as if they work at the Gap, makes them all the more terrifying in my book. They can “pass” as regular people when, in truth, they are evil, dangerous pieces of shit

      1. spikefivefivefive .

        So you would wish they would join the ranks of the unemployed and non-taxpayers – just like BLM supporters?

  11. You must be talking about BLM or Antifa. I see, because Trump has publicly denounced the KKK since at least 2000. I didn’t realize he is the police, the courts, and the executioner to ‘give them a slap on the wrist.’ 300 protesters does not a nation’s view make.

    1. sPiderWeB, too chickenshit to use your own name! The NAZIS and the KKK spew hate, violence and death. Only an ignoramus or a racist would try to equate the violence and hate spewed by the KKK and NAZIS with antifa (which means anti-fascism) and the BLM. You are either a racist or a RepubliKKKan, probably both!

      1. Well, I don’t use my own name, either. I have stalkers & I have small children. Of course, I’m trying to protect them against people LIKE “spiderweb”, so I ask you to blame him instead of me.

  12. First of all, it was not a rally of white supremacists. You “bosses” need to get your facts straight. Secondly, you can’t truly believe in the First Amendment because that allows for freedom of speech. Calling a different opinion “hate” speech is just another way of saying, “I hate your speech because it’s different from what I’ve been indoctrinated into believing.” Please think. At some time in the future, you may have an opinion that is different from the present mainstream load of crap circulating around the country. Then, you will be in the position of having your 1st amendment right silenced.

    1. Freedom of speech means that the government will not haul you away for saying things, no matter how repugnant. Freedom of speech does not include freedom from disagreement, or freedom from social consequences.

      Yes, please think indeed. No one’s first amendment rights were squelched here.

      1. If a person’s livelihood is threatened for what s/he says on his/her own time, then, that person does not feel “free” to speak his/her mind. The threat of losing one’s livelihood goes far beyond a “social consequence.”

      2. You can definitely run afoul of an employer by engaging in hate type speech and actions off hours. Employers want to make money, and if someone is parading in the street chanting offensive language disparaging minorities, many companies will take notice. I’ve experienced people like this in their places of work. I’m an engineer and was going through a drive-thru while wearing a business suit. A woman threw coffee directly in my face and ruined my suit. I was refused service in a Dunkin Donuts of all places, and when the server finally capitulated, he put something like detergent in my drink. Behaviors like these can create huge liability and PR issues for companies, so they aren’t going to touch this with a stick. It could kill off their profits dramatically. Me aside, there’s videos of the Cantwell individual terrorizing White meter maids in Keene, NH. He’s got a gun strapped to him, and he’s calling them government tyrants as he follows them up and down streets. (He’s also seen shooting up an American flag, and an army veteran implies that he quit his meter attendee job, because Cantwell and his group were chasing him around calling him a baby killer.) Any employer who views material like this is going to harbor concerns around workplace violence and general safety, as someone who engages in such behavior can’t possibly be normal.

      3. On the contrary, it very much is a social consequence. I’m puzzled that you are unable to understand this. Freedom of association goes both ways: person A is free to associate with Nazis, and employer B is free to disassociate from them.

    2. Oh, this one again…okay:
      Please demonstrate how this was anything other than a white supremacist rally. White supremacist websites certainly seemed to think it was.
      The First Amendment does provide freedom of speech, specifically against government suppression of same. There is case law going back many decades at that this point that specifies there being no protection for speech which is an exhortation to violence.
      Feel free to show me how this march was not violent in its intent.

      Hate speech can be easily characterized as speech which demonizes groups of Others. Gonna say all these white boys weren’t being inclusive of any other race when they decided it was time to get all butt-hurt about their beautiful statue. It’s not hate to hate a hater, and I disagree with people all the time who I do not think are hateful. Like you for instance, Diana: You’re just being willfully obtuse, not a Nazi.
      And of course, they just “believe” what they believe, right? While I couldn’t possibly believe what I believe without being “indoctrinated” into it? PLEASE THINK BETTER, and take that biased language somewhere else, ya’ simpleton.

      Fun thing about right now? I probably actually can make a case that anti-Trump protestors have a decent First Amendment case against their local police bureaus. Every march I have seen recently in my town involves leftists ONLY being jailed and beaten, often with the physical assistance of right wing non-law-enforcement members of the crowd. Polo Shirt Nazis are whiners who have never seen a day of being shit on by society in their life, but there’s plenty of people who have. We won’t forget this.

    3. First of all, it absolutely was. We saw the Nazi flags, posters & salutes, & heard the Nazi slogans.
      Secondly, “Free Speech” is not “Unlicensed Speech”. Just as you cannot shout “Fire” in a crowded theater, because of the potentially lethal chaos that usually ensues, so can you not shout hate-filled incitement at Blacks & Jews, especially not while carrying weapons & wearing riot gear.
      Thirdly, you rightwingers are always screaming about “Corporations are people too, with the right of Free Speech!” Well, guess what – it can bite YOU in the butt, TOO!
      The only CRAP is the garbage Nazis are spewing. PLEASE THINK

      1. I agree, this is absolutely the truth….and I’ve been repeating: Although the first amendment protects freedom of speech, it does NOT give license for Americans to violate Federal Laws protecting civil rights no matter what their sadistic, supremacist views are.

      2. Secondly is an apples/oranges argument. Shouting fire in a theater is not the same. The Antifa protesters were not trapped inside a dark theater, which was the purpose of exception to free speech. Thirdly is wrong as well. One does not give up one’s right to protest simply because you work for a corporation. Perhaps, the worker may sign a contract not to criticize the company itself,and there are rules of conduct in the workplace, but not outside. Plus, if the police had not stood down on orders by the Democractic mayor, there wouldn’t have been the violence at this rally, but that is the point. to create chaos and dissension. Had the Antifa protesters let it the protest pass and then later had their own protest, there would have been no riot, but again, that was the point of the “crashing the rally.”

      3. 1) Thank you for stipulating on the first.
        2) The analogy is never meant to be taken literally. It’s merely the bext example of how there IS some speech that is not covered. Part of that is speech that threatens – such as the Nazi slogans & hate that were shouted by the marchers.
        3) Depending on which corporation you works for, you can absolutely have to curb your speech, yes – not sure why you brought that up.
        4) There were NO “stand down” orders. Stop getting your “information” from hate sites. The police were not prepared for the heavily-armed Nazis to show up:
        5) The Antifa did not start the fighting.
        6) Had the Nazis actually JUST shown up & marched, without weapons, none of this would have happened AT ALL. Except maybe that one murderer would probably still have driven over an unarmed woman.
        7) The point of “crashing the rally” was to show Nazis that this is America, not their personal fiefdom.

    4. Johanna Garsenstein

      Ugh – stop apologizing and putting your head in the sand. Of course it was a rally of white supremists (aka Nazis) and they totally wanted violence – they brought guns and batons and riot gear for God sake. Freedom of speech does not protect people from the consequences of their speech. Their intent was to spark a riot and they got just that. An innocent woman was MURDERED and many others were beaten mercilessly. Either you are against that – you are an upstander – or you are an enabler, and you are complicit….particularly if your picture is actually who you are. It’s time for white people to stop with the nonsense. People are dying.

  13. I understand the reaction. But if this is changing these guys behavior is left to be seen. Probably their hatred against the world is fed even more. But then again probably nothing will convert them to nice persons.

    Can’t they all be gathered in one of your 50 states. The Donald then could build a wall around it.

  14. When these snowflake crybabies start shrieking “Free Speech!”, remind them that
    a) they are the ones who adore “at will” hiring/firing practices
    b) “Corporations Are People Too!”

  15. Johanna Garsenstein

    Thank you for this – gave me a shred of hope for humanity. That said, there are 9 more altright (neoNazi) gatherings planned for next weekend….so let’s not rest on our laurels just yet. This is going to get a lot lot worse before it gets better, if ever does get better

  16. I don’t disagree with any of the comments below or Jeff Pearlman’s piece above. But we would be remiss if we did not include the black man, who was in a photo, with a homemade flamethrower aimed at a white protestor. Who brings their own personal homemade flamethrower to a “peaceful” protest?

  17. Of course the masked p*ssies of ANTIFA, don’t have jobs, so on Monday they just heard; “here’s your welfare check. Typical scum left. I am tired of carrying you people. You should practice self-eugenics, like your racist hero Margaret Sanger desired.

  18. ROTFLMAO!!! THAT IS the BEST post of the DAY, ya’ll! These republican/traitor backed white nationalists, KKK, and white power fools went to VIRGINIA looking for trouble. A LOT of them found a LOT more trouble than they bargained for! LOLOLOLOL!

  19. wow! Wonderful! Identify everyone of those marchers and cut off their source of income – they should be happy they are not behind bars .. yet!

  20. Freedom of Speech is NOT freedom from consequence. I found a restaurant owner here in San Diego who agrees with this vitriol and I am making sure his Latin and African American neighbors know about it.

  21. Bravo! This is the individual integrity the future of humanity depends on. Good work. Hope it doesn’t drive them to further hate and violence, but makes them sit down and think about who they want to be in this life. Thank you all for your courage.

  22. This is all just fine, except one cannot be expelled from college for their ideas or their actions off campus (unless convicted of certain crimes) unless it’s a private college–they can do what they want most of the time. Including that bit in here is part of what gives fuel to those who say higher education is intolerant PC central. FTR, I’m an English professor at a public college and have had to deal with some pretty scary ideas from students. But my job is to teach critical thinking. Expelling students for hateful ideas is counterproductive.

  23. Good and we have to make sure everyone of them in each of there protests around the country are exposed..fired and kicked out until their homeless crying babies

  24. William Holdsworth

    Hi Kate, yes a London boy born 1929. Now an ex-pat Brit EU citizen living in the Netherlands. Arrived in 1990 as one of Maggie Thatcher’s walking wounded (WW1 term of throwing partly wounded men back into the firing lines of Flanders fields of mud and gore) when as a leader of the new neo-liberal free market, let’s burn all regulations economy, her government then destroyed the UK’s industrial base including steel and coal. With a nod to Shirley who thought I was jealous of “Builder Trump”, I who started out with ten quid (UK pounds) built up a successful professional built environmental, energy and climate adaptive solutions consultancy. Designed work and advised (also in the USA) world-wide. Lost millions of pounds of new work in six weeks when Thatcher swung her hand-bag. So girls us old street boys just climb back up again. In business my team worked for the community and our democratic society. Oh yes Kate Mosely was a handsome looking man. He was once a member of the Labour Party but like the new authoritarians of today sought to be a dictator. Trump today has spat out some new lies in response to the new massacre in Barcelona. Sad that you have a man so blind behind the eyes. Hopefully ladies you are not.

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