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Pride from far away

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Earlier tonight the wife (aka @thefamilycoach) held her first-ever book signing.

It took place at the Barnes & Noble near our old home in New York, and nearly 70 people attended. Regrettably, I was back in California with the kids. I followed from afar via DM and assorted clips, but that’s not the same as being there.

A part of me is genuinely regretful that we didn’t figure out how I could show. But, more than anything, I’m proud, times 100 million.

Writing a book is a nightmare. I say that all the time, and it’s true. But writing a book when you don’t have a writing background; when you have a full-time job as a college professor; when you’re raising two kids and handling the economics of a household … well, that’s a beast.

Somehow Catherine pulled it off, and brilliantly. Yes, I’m biased. But “Ignore It” is ridiculously good. The advice works. The writing is seamless. It’s smart and powerful and compassionate.

I don’t care how many copies are sold. It could be 1,000, it could be 100 million. What I know is that, come day’s end, the wife did something special.

I’m a lucky guy.