Goose Gossage and a rookie mistake

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So I’m writing something where I wanted to speak with Rich (Goose) Gossage, the former New York Yankees closer who’s now in the Hall of Fame.

Do I need Gossage? No.

Is he important to the project? Not overly.

But he would have been nice to chat with, for context and background. Hence, I asked a bunch of people in baseball about Goose’s whereabouts, and no one I know had contact info. I then went to Facebook—nada. Then I did the ol’ Google search, and I found his website. It’s url is, and it is—unambiguously—laughably antiquated. I mean, it wouldn’t have been bad in 1998, or whenever it was created. But by 2017 standards it’s a Debbie Gibson cassette tape in a Walkman.

I digress.

I figured the Goose’s site was dead, and—being somewhat impulsive—I fired off this Tweet:

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I simultaneously sent off a request to the CONTACT US link, on the off, off, off, off chance that someone still checked in on this relic. It’d be the equivalent of writing the H-Town fan club, hoping America’s last remaining H-Town loyalist somehow lingers in the cobwebs.



Um … wrong.

Within the hour someone named Andrew Levy responded, with this …

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 4.27.19 PM

What followed was this exchange …

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 4.27.55 PM

And, I have to say, Andrew Levy is 100-percent right. It was a dick Tweet, and he’s correct in denying the interview.

Sometimes, in this share-every-thought age of Internet nonsense, we fire without thinking.

The result: No Goose.

Just duck.

2 thoughts on “Goose Gossage and a rookie mistake”

  1. The Web site is horrible, and your contact has no sense of humor.

    It’s too bad he doesn’t want to do his job because his feelings got hurt.

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