Don’t worry about Donald Trump and guns

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I have good news, and this comes from someone who has now spent two years writing about and researching (in large part) Donald Trump for my USFL book.

If today you watched the president’s gun-related meeting at the White House, and you’re overly concerned about what actions he’ll take in regards to violence in America, or it’s something that is keeping you up nights (What will the president do? How will he protect America?), well, don’t worry.

He’ll do absolutely nothing.

You watched him today.

I watched him today.

Maybe you thought, “Wow, he’s listening. This is wonderful.”


Seriously, no.

In case you missed this, the Washington Post ran an image of the paper Trump was holding during the meeting. Take a close look …

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 11.40.11 PM

It was all a show. And act. Dialogue. Just like his TV background, where makeup is applied, lines are repeated, empathy is practiced as an emotion to show. I want to repeat that last point: Empathy is practiced as an emotion to show. Fuck, look at the paper. He has five talking points, because … they’re not real. It’s all a script for a conman.

Nothing of substance will happen with this turd as president.