No more golf, please

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My mother, Joan Pearlman, spends half the year living in Florida. She also hates golf. This is her report of annual links misery …

How does it feel to live in an area inundated with golf fans/fanatics who plan their calendar to ensure a presence at the  Honda Classic? This annual event takes place at PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

Being that I am not a golfer, and have any knowledge or interest in the sport, it is not the place to be.

At one time I was asked to volunteer my services at the event, and was envied by family and friends alike. I recall that I was bored, while enthusiastic golf fans were riled up following their favorites on the course. As a result of this major attraction, what is good for local restauranteurs and hotels is a major nuisance for locals. Roads are overloaded with traffic, waits are long at restaurants (of which there are many) and hotels are booked to capacity.

I’m looking forward to the day when all those golf fans go home, and we return to the normal hustle and bustle of the area.

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