Former Dodger Josh Canales!

Canales at UCLA: Great saga, but not a Dodger
Canales at UCLA: Great saga, but not a Dodger

A couple of hours ago my daughter received a text from a friend, inviting her to a church event …


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Now, we’re Jewish. And the church in question is one that has made clear its intention to use its youthful members to draw (and convert) other young people. So Casey will be attending an event at this institution just after I allow her to date Logan Paul. Or pierce her eyeballs. Or pierce her eyeballs while dating Logan Paul.

Wait. Where was I?

Oh, right. As we were driving, Casey read the invitation aloud. And all sounded normal and pedestrian until the words, “hear former LA Dodger Josh Canales and other athletes!” As a longtime sports writer (and, for half a decade, Major League Baseball beat writer), I’m pretty good when it comes to knowing sports rosters. Not perfect, obviously. But strong. Yet Josh Canales, former LA Dodger, didn’t ring a bell.

So I Googled it …

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Now, Canales actually has a riveting story. During his time at UCLA, he was playing summer ball for the Newark Raptors of the Northeast Collegiate Baseball League when a ball he hit during BP struck a teammate, Kelsey Osborn, in the head and killed him. He has since gone on to talk about the tragedy in great detail, and seems like a very honorable, standup man.

But if I’m a church, trying to draw the masses, I’m at least being honest about who’s speaking, and what they bring to the table.

So, if they’d like to invite a Pulitzer winner, I’m available.