My daughter walked out of class

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My daughter—along with hundreds of high school classmates—walked out of class today to speak out on gun violence.

Think about that.

My kid is a freshman. She’s 14. She should be only thinking about books and sports and friends and fun. She should be thinking about boys and girls and the mall and her phone. She should be thinking about sweatshirts and hair and sneakers. She should be thinking about baking cupcakes and tossing a ball and watching “Stranger Things.” She should be thinking about summer and college and our dog.

Instead, she spent today thinking about guns.

Because this country—owned in large part by the NRA—is fucked up.

The sad thing is, our leaders (as they currently stand) won’t do shit. They are bought. The money is huge, the influence is even more huge. They are afraid of the NRA downgrading their rating from A+ to A, from A to A-. So they hope and hope and hope that all this fades away, and the noise of a magical day of walkouts fades, and somehow talk of mental health and armed teachers drowns out the aftermath of 17 dead Floridians.

My daughter walked out of class today.

Inevitably, there will be another school shooting.

And she will need to walk out yet again.