Hey, John Rocker: Where’s my money, bitch?

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So I was at the gym about an hour ago when a friend on Twitter DMed me this …

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Yes, that’s John Rocker. And he’s wearing a LIBERALS SUCK shirt.

Now, long ago this sort of thing might have bothered me. Or, perhaps, resulted in some sort of holier-than-thou blog post about Rocker’s choices in life since our 1999 drive through hell. But as I sit here, approaching my 46th birthday and secure in the life I live, I only have one question for John: Where’s my money, bitch?

I’m kidding.

Sort of.

(And not about the bitch part.)

John has a website where he sells all sorts of stuff. T-shirts for $20, signed jerseys for $100. He’s been peddling SPEAK ENGLISH goodies for a few years—but the LIBERALS SUCK and LIBERALS ARE PUSSIES items are new and particularly exciting.

Here, however, is what really caught my eye. In a section headlined IN THE WINDSHIELD, Rocker sort of explains himself as a 2018 entity. Here is what he writes:

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Well, here’s the thing: I say bravo! Sincerely—bravo! In the years after the infamous article, Rocker routinely tried to convince people he wasn’t the knuckle-dragging neanderthal portrayed by Sports Illustrated. Only, well, he was a knuckle-dragging neanderthal. But now, to his credit, he’s owning it. He’s saying, “Hey, this is me, this is who I am—now buy my shit.” There’s a certain liberating quality to that, if you think about it. John Rocker admitting he’s John Rocker.

And, along those lines, don’t I deserve some credit? A percentage of shirt sales? Without that article, John Rocker—according to Baseball Reference—is these guys …

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Last I checked, Sean Doolittle’s T-shirts haven’t been selling so well.

PS: John Rocker served nary a day in the military, used PEDs to cheat his way into the Majors and has milked everything he can out of an article written by a man he once called “a typical Jew with an agenda.” If that ain’t textbook “pussy” material, what is?

PPS: This was pretty great, from a Twitter follower …

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2 thoughts on “Hey, John Rocker: Where’s my money, bitch?”

  1. Because of players like John Rocker, nowadays, when a team is being built, strong consideration is given to a player’s character and personality, and how they behave and speak off the field. It goes a long way towards team chemistry which translates into winning a lot more games, and winning championships. Players like Rocker make me appreciate “class act” guys like Derek Jeter, Aaron Judge, Didi Gregorious, Giancarlo Stanton, and Tony Gwynn even more.

  2. JFK wasn’t a liberal, to suggest he was is BS. He was probably a total centrist or slightly right of despite being a democrat. His policy and philosophy was different from his dear old brother Ted.

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