Portrait of a so-called Christian

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 10.09.48 AM

In case you missed this, earlier today Jim Carrey caught a lot of heat for the above picture. It’s a Carrey original, sketched and Tweeted by the Cable Guy himself.

And it’s an image of Sarah Huckabee-Sanders.

Now, the backlash has been intense. Leading the charge has been Mike Huckabee, who offered up this defense of his daughter …

We also got this …

And this …

And this …

It goes on and on and on. Right-leaning conservative Christians aghast at the disrespect shown toward the White House’s mouthpiece. But, since we’re here, let me ask this: If a person lies and lies and lies; if a person defends a Satan-in-disguise like Donald Trump; if a person remains steadfast in her backing of a walking puddle who mocks women, minorities, the disabled, veterans … is she a Christian?

I really mean that. What does faith mean, if you refuse to practice it?

What does faith mean, if you refuse to abide by its principles?

Truly, I see nothing wrong in Jim Carrey’s work.

I only see truth.

PS: And where were all these people when Donald Trump spent five years insisting the sitting president of the United States was a Kenyan-born Muslim?