A lesson learned from Stormy Daniels

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Unless you reside in a hole, you’re surely aware that Stormy Daniels will be appearing  on 60 Minutes tonight.

What will she say? I have no idea.

Will it impact Donald Trump? I have no idea.

Will it be groundbreaking? I have no idea.

Here, though, is one thing I do know: Stormy Daniels has taught me to rethink social media. And it’s a pretty awesome lesson.

In case you don’t follow her on Twitter, Daniels is, well, gangsta. She takes trolls head on, never flinches, never seems flustered. She doesn’t buckle at threats or insults, and fires back with the precision of a Sandy Koufax fastball. Here, take a quick gander …

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And …

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Ever since I started reading her Tweets, I’ve been dazzled. Why? Because if a person spends enough time on social media, he often finds himself taken to task, defensive, battered. It comes with great frequency these days—in particular when one takes a strong political stand. If you’re on the right, the left fires back. If you’re on the left, the right fires back. Oddly, the people doing the harshest Tweeting are anonymous cowards, safe and comfortable behind a fake name.

I digress.

Thanks to Stormy Daniels, I’ve been reminded that the greatest approach (and shield) comes in the form of dismissive humor. Don’t be offended. Don’t be hurt. These are people who don’t know you; who don’t care to know you. The words are merely words.

So fire back, if you so desire.

And have fun doing so.

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