The last column for The Family Coach

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So earlier today Creators, a syndicate outlet for writers, ran the final week of Dear Family Coach, Catherine Pearlman’s parenting column.

In case you weren’t aware, the wife has spent the last three years penning a weekly segment in which she answers reader questions about parenting. As someone who knows first-hand, her advice is always sharp, precise, intelligent, correct. From sleep issues to eating issues to behavioral mayhem, there is (I truly believe) no one better in America at bringing forth solutions. Catherine is a parenting magician. No exaggeration. You ask, she solves. It’s crazy.

Anyhow, with today’s final Dear Family Coach, she has completed a whopping 284 columns, which means she’s replied to an even more whoppinger (I created a word!) 568 questions. And, after a while, she needed a rest. Hell, writing is hard. Answering questions is even harder. I’ve seen her sit on the couch, crafting ideal solutions, messing around with word choices, wanting to be as helpful as possible. That stuff beats on a person. It has to. Hence, when she debated whether to set the column, I thought it was wise. It’s been a long run.

As a spouse/writer, what brings me the greatest joy is Catherine’s development with the pen. When she started, she had very little experience in the realm. I used to edit her stuff before submission and, well, it could be a little rough. Than—with Flash-like speed—she got better. And better. And better. Seriously, it was simultaneously magical and amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone improve at the rate the wife did. Long ago, she used to think of herself as a parenting expert who tried to write.

Now, as I sit here, she is (factually) a writer.

One who deserves a rest.

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