A great review—and a truly weird one

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So my USFL book, “Football for a Buck,” isn’t coming out until September, but a couple of review have arrived. The first, from Booklist, left me giddy. You just never know what reviewers are going to say, or think. So just because you feel good about a project doesn’t mean others will.

Hence, this was thrilling …

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Then last night the wife and I were sitting on the couch, doing something close to nothing, when we visited the “Football for a Buck” Amazon page. I won’t lie—this is something I do from time to time. To check rank, the check buzz, to check supply. And there, beneath CUSTOMER REVIEWS, was a customer review. Which was surprising, since the release date is six weeks away.

Here is what was written …

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Sooooo … five stars. Tremendous. “Terrific job.” Tremendous. “Wit” and “unique approach” Terrific. But, then, this: “One caveat: while Donald Trump is prominently advertised as part of this book, his appearance literally is a couple of lines.”

Um, what?

This is, literally, straight from my book’s index …

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