Goonies II: Sloth Moves In

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Watched The Goonies with the son last night. In one of the final scenes, Chunk tells Sloth that he will be moving in with his family. Sloth is thrilled, but then we never hear another word about it.

Hence, I have written a script for The Goonies II: Sloth Moves In. It’s a pretty short movie …

Opening scene: A messy house. Food everywhere. Blood splattered across the walls. Chunk’s mother and father lie on the floor, motionless. Chunk’s mother is decapitated. Chunk’s father is nailed to a wall through his right eyeball. Chunk’s torso is ripped into three pieces. One leg sticks out of the blender. The other is dangling from a spinning fan. Sloth appears to be licking out to innards of his best friend’s skull.

Sloth: “Sloth hungry! Sloth hungry!”

Blood drips from his mouth. A wicked smile.

Roll credits.