The debate question

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Was just driving home from the gym. Started imagining a 2020 debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. The moderator says the standard late-in-the-event question, “It’s been a contentious election, so I’d like to ask both candidates—is there something good you can say about your opponent.”

Biden steps up …

“You know Matt, I was pretty sure that question was coming, because I’ve been in plenty of these. And always—always—I have something genuinely good to say about the person standing across from me. I didn’t agree with anything Sarah Palin stood for. I’m not an enormous believer in Paul Ryan. But I believe both to be good, caring people with character. I ran for the senate myriad times—and even though I sparred with opponents like Caleb Boggs and Jim Baxter, I also considered them to be friends. Good people. Hell, fine people.

“So, that being said, I have to make a point here. For eight years I served under Barack Obama. And whether you thought he was an outstanding president or a terrible one, he was—is–an undeniably decent and good man.

“And for half a decade, Donald Trump insisted America’s first African-American president—my friend—wasn’t legitimate. That he wasn’t born here. That he was Muslim, not that that even matters. Donald Trump told people he had investigators on the ground in Hawaii, with proof! Proof—that Barack Obama wasn’t American. And when it turned out Donald Trump was lying, well, he shrugged and moved on.

“One of my best friends died two years ago. His name is John McCain, and he had more honor, courage and dignity than the two of us combined. He spent four years as a POW in a prison camp. Because he fought for and believed in America. And this man, Donald Trump, mocked him; said he wasn’t a hero because “heroes don’t get captured.

“I’ve never stood across from a meaner, more nasty person than at this very moment. You bilked students out of their savings with a fake university. You failed to pay hundreds of contractors fighting to make a living—and if they challenged you, you sued them. You have ridiculed women, the disabled. You have locked hundreds of children in cages. You have banned Muslims from entering our nation.

“So I’m sorry, Matt. I’m sorry. But while there surely must be some good qualities in our 45th president, I simply do not see them. I see hatred, bitterness, bullying, scorn.

“And I do not respect that.”

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