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Not sure if you saw any of the videos from the recent Trump rally in Florida, but they starred the guy above in his FUCK THE MEDIA T-shirt, gesturing toward CNN’s people.

And I want to ask Mr. Fuck The Media, with total sincerity, to explain his beef.

I want to hear why Donald Trump is truthful and the media is dishonest.

I want to hear how the trade war his helping him.

I want to hear how a wealthy man looking out for other wealthy men benefits his people.

I want to hear why he hated Obama and Hillary.

I want to hear why he has put his faith in a man who failed to pay his employees; who started a fake “university” to bilk people out of their money.

I want to hear why it’s OK to mock POWs and kick veterans off the street in front of an office.

Alas, I’d never get honest answers.

Or intelligent ones.