Waiting for a book to come out

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So my USFL book, “Football for a Buck,” comes out on Sept. 11.

Waiting for a book to drop is … not fun. You wait and wait and wait and wait. You check Amazon to see if any pre-reviews have arrived. You check Goodreads. Then you Google the title. But, of course, almost nothing comes up … BECAUSE THE FUCKING BOOK ISN’T OUT YET.

It’s all weird. Because once the book is released, it flies by. You’re in this moment, then—snap—the moment passes and you return to your cave to work on the next project. The book sits on a shelf in your home, collecting dust. You used to look at it 100 times a day. Now it feels like yesterday’s product.

The cycle never feels new and it never feels old.

It just is.

And one day, when the earth explodes, my books will explode with it.


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