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There are things in this world that come and go.

Parachute pants—those came and went.

Short shorts—gone.

Omar Moreno: The Yankee period. That didn’t last. But it happened.

One thing, though, that has never seemed to catch on is lying. As far back as I remember, as far back as my parents remember, as far back as my grandparents remember(ed) (they’re dead), lying was frowned upon. Yes, people told mistruths. But being caught doing so was not a good thing. You’d be reprimanded, you’re be expelled, you’d be fired. I didn’t lie a whole lot to my folks as a kid, but when I did, well, it hardly ended well.

Alas, against all odds and norms, lying is in. Not again. For the first time.

Donald Trump lies all the time. To his followers. To his enemies. He lies and lies and lies and lies. And not in the normal political sense of a lie. Not Obama saying everyone will be able to keep their health plans (a lie that could be construed as an opinion gone bad) or George W. Bush insisting Iraq was involved with the 9.11 attacks (perhaps a misinformed man trying to fit a square peg in a round hole). This isn’t Bill Clinton saying he did not have sexual relations with that woman (a piece of pure unethical bullshit that depended on linguistic gymnastics) or even Ronald Reagan and Iran-Contra (a coverup where he seemed to believe he was doing right for the nation).

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No. These 2018 lies are just blatant, get-as-many-people-riled-up-as-possible lies, said with nary a moment of moral debate. They’re saying you support people with preexisting conditions being able to keep their health coverage, even as you fight to end such protections. They’re saying the media is deceiving you, even as the truth is reported. They’re saying your opponents wants immigrants to enter America and kill you.

I truly never thought the human brain would so willingly digest and accept lying. And yet, I watch the Donald Trump rallies and the GOP election commercials—and folks gobble this stuff up. They’re so entertained by the rhetoric, by the name calling, by the bullying … that they fail to understand/care about the deceptions.

It sucks.

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