Mike Gundy is an asshole

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Oklahoma State’s Mike Gundy is an asshole.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, because far too many high-level Division I football coaches are assholes. But Gundy is a special breed of asshole. And here’s the quote to prove it:

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Ohhhhhh, I’m so sorry Coach Gundy, what with your cute orange shirt and your free sunglasses and the shoe deal and the myriad endorsements and the $5 million you’re paid to guide young men in a game THAT SMASHES THEIR HEADS INTO ONE ANOTHER. And I’m sorry, these kids aren’t tough enough for you. These kids growing up to single parents in the same dilapidated inner cities your conservative political leaders have left behind in the name of tax cuts for the wealthy. These kids who are plucked from subpar schools and thrown onto a college campus and expected to immediately participate in a full-time job. These kids who graduate 51 percent from your program.

I’m sorry the liberals annoy you so much.

That’s tough.

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