The moment you 100% know you come from quirky stock

Who needs Batman?

Who needs Batman?

So I just dropped my parents off at the airport after their week-long visit. I’m very close with Mom and Dad, and have been for years. They’ve been wonderfully supportive my entire life, and I’ve never kept secrets or spewed negativity or complained about their treatment of me or my brother.

However, parents—all parents—have their quirks.

So I’m dropping them off. And as my dad reaches for a suitcase from the trunk a roll of black socks falls from his pocket.

I pick them up.

“Dad,” I say, “why are there socks in your pocket?”

My mom flashes a funny look. Irked. Dad says nothing.

“Seriously, why the socks?”

It turns out father has a theory. If a pickpocket reaches for your wallet, the socks will deter him.

So, yeah.

We’re all quirky.

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