Alta Dermatology and how to run a medical office

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Dr. Wang: Kicks ass

So I arrived home a bunch of hours ago, checked the mail, found a personalized note. Opened it, thinking it was another DEAR JEFF, YOUR BOOKS SUCK AND TRUMP IS AWESOME AND YOU SHOULD GO TO HELL!!!!!! overly exclamation pointed missives from an angry reader who took the time to find my address.


Here’s what it said …

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Carla is an employee at Alta Dermatology, the place where I recently went because of a rash on my leg. The review she’s referring to is a very positive Yelp offering I posted in the aftermath. The reason I praised Alta is because Dr. Victoria Wang runs as smooth a ship as you’ll find—fast service, free candy and coffee, clean, positive. It’s the perfect doctor’s office, especially when you’re old enough (as I am) to have experienced what often feels like ceaseless awful doctor’s offices (dirty, pushy, greedy, wait forever).

But here’s what truly dazzled me: The note! Who the hell writes a thank you note—by hand, no less?!—for a positive Yelp review? That’s insane, in the most lovely and impactful of ways. It screams, “We care about our patients, we value your presence.”

It’s something more physicians (and their practices) should aspire to.