A Fairleigh Dickinson alum celebrates

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So I asked my mother, Joan Pearlman, to write a guest post about her reaction to Fairleigh Dickinson university posting it’s first-ever March Madness victory yesterday. Here is what she has to say …

I recently learned of the success of Fairleigh Dickinson University’s basketball team. This was exciting and an unexpected surprise, considering the fact that I never knew they had a team. As an alumnus of FDU, also known at one time as “Fairleigh Ridiculous,” I must admit that as a commuting student, I never felt much of an allegiance to the school. However, in retrospect, I did receive a good education. Further, as a psych major/sociology minor, that BA degree opened many doors which led to a successful career in my fields of study.

Go, FDU!

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