My junior prom was 30 years ago

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Stumbled upon this photo two days ago. It was taken 30 years ago, at the Mahopac High junior prom. Here’s what I can tell you …

• My date was Jody—lovely girl who attended our rival high school, Carmel, but was someone I’d known via Hebrew school for a decade or so. We’re still friendly via Facebook.

• The two guys next to me are Steve Celli and Scott Choy. We were friends and basketball teammates throughout high school. I don’t think any of us were actually dating the women we were with. Hell, there’s a solid chance none of us had yet to kiss a girl.

• The prom was held in the gym.

• My actual prom picture is preposterous. I was young and timid and terrified, and in the photo I’m standing a good 200 yards away from Jody.

• Yes, my tie is pink.

• That night I wanted to drive Jody home and kiss her goodnight. Mainly because I needed to get the monkey of no kiss of my back. So I told my dad of my plan, and he denied me. I understand the thinking—it was after 9 pm, and with my then-junior license I couldn’t be in a vehicle without an adult. So Dad drove Jody home, and I was along for the ride. When we got to her house I walked her to the front door. My dad waiting in the car, lights on, engine running. And, of course, I did shit.

• I remember a kid saying to me, “Wow, your date’s really pretty.” Which struck me two ways: A. The shock I had a date. B. The shock I had a pretty date.

That’s about it.

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