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Why do we actually care?

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In case you missed this, earlier today Ben Shapiro, the conservative talking guy whose skill set (or lack thereof) sorta bewilders me, stormed off the set of a BBC interview program. Here’s the link.

Now, I don’t know a ton about Shapiro, only that he’s one of these guys who DESTROYS! the libs on YouTube. He’s become something of a celebrity, in the way past pundits of both sides become celebrities. They’re invited to campuses, they draw protesters, they cause a buzz. Boo! Yes! Yes! Boo!

In the aftermath of the Shapiro-BBC thing, Twitter turned electric with people on the left mocking an “owned” Shapiro and people on the right saying Shapiro has yet again “triggered” folks.

To which I say, truly—yawn.

Yes, yawn.

Like others, I reacted to the Shapiro-BBC dust-up with a couple of Tweets. Mainly because I’m a loser with no life. But upon further review … why do I care? Why do you care? Why do any of us care? Ben Shapiro is a professional talker and agitator. But he holds no official position, no legitimate policy sway. For that matter, neither does, oh, Van Jones. They’re just people, jabbering and receiving money to both excite us and piss us off. They’re cogs in the media machine; the social media machine.

If you wanna be mad, take it out on Donald Trump, or Chuck Schumer, or someone who actually matters.