Feel free to …

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My all-time, all-time, all-time least-favorite Internet phrasing is “feel free to …”

In the non-cyber world, “feel free to …” is the best—because it’s generally followed by “take a sample” or “give the Porsche a test drive” or “stick around and meet the band after the show.” It’s the phrasing of a kind offer to follow. To “feel free to …” always means you have this sorta cool option coming in the ensuing series of words. Sweet!

On the Internet, however, “feel free to …” almost always comes attached to “share with your followers” or “re-Tweet my post” or “tell your friends about my new book.” And I always want to say, “Wow! Thanks, man. I didn’t feel free to promote your product, but now I do. And I can’t wait.”

For my eyes/ears, “feel free to …” is presumptuous, times 1,000. And rude. If you wanna ask someone a favor, ask a favor. But don’t mask it in something it’s not.

So, feel free to share this blog post.

Or don’t.

Because it sorta sucks.

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PS: Was just sitting near a foursome of devout Christians at Starbucks a few minutes ago. Man said to another guy, “How can I ask my wife to follow me if I don’t follow someone else (Jesus)?” People nodded approvingly. And I thought, “This sort of mindless slogan collecting is why folks mock religion.”