Good at Dunkin’

I’m a sucker for iced coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts. Large, almond milk, two pumps of mocha.

When done right, it’s cold, it’s tasty, it’s chocolate milk-meets-(far better) Starbucks. For my birthday last year, multiple family members bought me Dunkin’ gift cards. Which meant I pretty much had $200 of large iced coffees at my disposal.

I digress.

During that time of bountiful gift card spending, I got in the habit of always paying for the person behind me. It started lightly, but before long I was dogged about it. Whether the person’s bill was $1 or $20, I was paying. The drive-thru people now know me as the weird person who always foots the bill for a man/woman he doesn’t know.

The $200 is long gone, but I still pay for whoever’s next. And even though I never actually see the reaction, it matters not. I like to think that I helped make someone’s day a wee-bit brighter.

Or, put differently: Join the wife and I in this project. It’ll make you happy.

I promise.

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