What happened tonight

A fascinating night in American politics. Here are my thoughts:

• Joe Biden’s rise: This happened, and I’m shocked. Not because it’s Biden. Not because of the number of states. Nope. I’m shocked because it felt as if one day—one single day—changed an election.

And that day was yesterday.

When Mayor Pete endorsed Joe Biden. Then Amy endorsed Biden. Then Beto endorsed Biden. Bam. Bam. Bam. I said to a friend, “That might be the best single day a modern political figure has ever had.” And I mean it. Best day ever. Within a 24-hour span, Joe Biden was given life. He felt like a contender again. Like the choice for those who desperately want to see Donald Trump lose, but don’t believe Bernie Sanders is the best one for the task.

• Bernie’s mediocre showing: He’s not dead. Not by a longshot. Sanders has a ton of energy, a ton of support. But Super Tuesday revealed a major flaw, one political insiders discuss quite often. Namely, young people suck at voting. They’re great at Tweeting, at Snapchatting, at Tik Toking. They’re great at memes and Gifs and being loud and acting empowered. But it has always been a chore to get the demographic out to vote. It was true when I was 18, it was true when you were 18.

And the funny thing is, a guy like Joe Biden will probably draw more voters between 60 and 85 to the polls than Bernie would voters aged 18 to 29. The geriatrics won’t generate the buzz. Won’t be as loud. Won’t wave flags and hold signs. But they’ll see a four-hour line and stand on it.

• Campaigns don’t matter: I don’t totally mean this. But sorta, Biden spent almost no time in Virginia—and won handily. He spent, literally, zero time in California and gave a solid showing. It’s a different age, and one can reach millions of people with the tapping of some keys.

Elizabeth Warren is done—and it sucks: I hurt for Warren, because she’s sincere and decent and would have been a wonderful president. But she ran a merely OK campaign—the big mistake being a refusal to truly separate herself from Bernie Sanders; to show why she’d be the better choice. There is also, sadly, a huge obstacle women still face. They’re always deemed unlikeable, hard to look at, hard to listen to. It’s infuriating.

• Michael Bloomberg lost his mojo in one day: His first debate. The showing was so awful, it took all $300 million spent on the run and flushed it down the toilet. He went from, “Hey, maybe this guy can save us” to Fred Thompson. Poof.

• Biden scares me: Every time he talks. The gaffes are maddening. You just never know what he’ll forget, or remember. But … at this point I believe he’s a more viable candidate than Bernie Sanders. People like him. Relate to him. He’s sincere and decent. He can win states (Florida, for one) Bernie wouldn’t.

• Trump should be nervous: Mainly because he sucks. But also because he’s getting a heavyweight. Even though it’s Larry Holmes in 1988.

It’s a heavyweight nonetheless.

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