We are really, really dumb


So I have the misfortune in living in a school district where a good number of parents seem to see science and medicine as these blockades against societal betterment.

I note this because today I was alerted to an Instagram group—PARENTS SUPPORTED ACTION PLAN. And it is, well, infuriating. One parent after another complaining how the coronavirus is a hoax, or overblown, or stupid, or annoying, or this invisible fairy disease created by the government to help the invisible candy elves get their drugs (Admittedly, I made that last one up).

Anyhow, it’s exasperating. First, because these people proudly post images of themselves WITH THEIR KIDS not wearing masks or social distancing. Second, because there are pretty much no references to science. In fact, I can scratch out pretty much. Because there are no references to science. It’s all emotion. Or Fox News talking points. Third, because there’s a missed irony that drives me to drink: Namely, the same people screaming for education are relying on ignorance to emphasize education. Fuck, think about it—”We need to open our schools!” Why? “Because learning is important!” Why is it important? “Because our children need to be informed and educated!” So are you informed and educated about the longterm impacts of COVD-19? “Yes!” You’ve read up on it? “Of course!” Where? “Well, Dr. Phil. And Dr. Oz. And Hannity.” Any medical journals? “No. That’s fake news!” Oh.

Truth be told, the entire movement can be chalked up to one word: Fatigue. People are fatigued of being home. They’re fatigued of their children learning online. They’re fatigued of not being able to take that $50-pop-Mommy Yoga class at the boutique studio. They’re fatigued of having to carry out from Starbucks. They’re fatigued of masks, fatigued of distancing. Also—considering everyone in these photos seems to be either a Karen or wed to a Karen—I’m guessing there’s fatigue over the BLM movement; over the marches; over an America they increasingly fail to recognize.

But, come day’s end, these people are spreading poison. Because if there’s one thing we now know, it’s that untreated and unrecognized COVID-19 just … sits. And waits. And waits. And waits. If you don’t suffocate coronavirus, it lingers and looms and pounces. It’s more snake than jackrabbit—waiting, lingering, pouncing when it’s good and ready.

So, to all those angry parents out there—I get it. Sincerely, I do. You want your normal back.

But patience is the virtue here.

Be patient.

And smart.

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