Moments I love

Was reading up about the Bengals upsetting Pittsburgh last night, when the above image crossed my sight.

It’s the immediate aftermath of Trey Hopkins, Cincinnati’s center, hugging quarterback Ryan Finley—and it’s just beautiful.

I have many problems with the NFL. The continued refusal to take CTE seriously. The way discarded players are kicked to the curb. The limits on guaranteed money. The refusal to offer Colin Kaepernick a job. The early acquiescence to Donald Trump when he bullied and blustered and blustered and bullied. The grossness of Jerry Jones.

And yet … I do love how the game bonds people. How it forms a legitimate brotherhood that time truly fails to erase.

I have no idea if Finley and Hopkins are off-the-field buddies. If they grab coffee and gossip over “The Queen’s Gambit.”

But they shared a beautiful moment.

That’s eternail.

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