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My daughter left

My daughter left for her freshman year of college today. We drove her to campus, helped set up her stuff, grabbed lunch. Then pretty much left. And I was fine. Really, I was fine. But now, sitting here at 9:10 on a Saturday night, I’m broken. Casey is our first

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The Radicalization of Mark Mulder

If I had the time, and the energy, and the non-financial needs, I’d love, love, love to write a 5,000-word piece on the political radicalization of Mark Mulder, former (enjoyable, agreeable, friendly) Oakland A’s pitcher-turned-hard-right zealot. In case you don’t follow Mark on Twitter, well, I wouldn’t start now (unless

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Greg Abbott is an infected twat

In case you missed the news, Greg Abbott, the Texas governor and all-around twat of a human slug whore, tested positive for Covid today … … less than 24 hours after the above photograph was taken. Yup, that’s Abbott, sans mask, waving to a bunch of Texas seniors—also sans masks.

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“We know who you are! We will find you!”

In case you missed this, last night a school board meeting in Franklin, Tenn. went bonkers/crazy/off the rails when a bunch of anti-mask parents continued the right’s “I Am Legend”-esque zombie movement. Here’s a clip … And … yeah. i wish I had something profound to say—but I really don’t.

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Could Elise Stefanik be a bigger asshole?

I’m a few days behind on this one, but only because I needed to process the jarring audacity of Elise Stefanik, Republican congresswoman from New York/GOP conference chair, deciding the best play for her party would be to blame (wait for it) Nancy Pelosi for the Jan. 6 Capitol siege.

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When the idiots think they’re smart

If you’ve read this blog of late, you know I’ve written a fair amount about Tanya Esposito•Tatiana Ibrahim •Tanya Brahimi•MC Mellie Slick, the Carmel, N.Y.-based mother who is my home region’s face and voice and mouth of Critical Race Theory resistance. Now, she’s jumping into a slightly different arena—deciding which

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Thank you, Anthony Sherman

Dear Anthony Sherman: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This morning I saw your courageous Tweet about NFL teams requiring COVID bracelets to identify those who have been vaccinated and those who have not. Here it is … Again, thank you. What this world needs, now more than ever, is

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Who’s the pussy?

Received this e-mail a few moments ago … To say I love this e-mail is to delve into the greatest of understatement. It features all the hallmarks of excellence. In no particular order … • Irrational and inexplicable capitalization. • “Friends” “in” “quotes.” Are they not my friends? Or “friends”?

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I love crosstown trades

So earlier today the Chicago Cubs sent pitcher Ryan Tepera across town to the White Sox, in exchange for a lefthander named Bailey Horn. I have never heard of Tepera. I have never heard of Horn. But I’m 100 percent all in on this deal. In short, as a native

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