Clemson and Alabama

Maine long snapper Bryce Colee: More interesting than Clemson-Alabama

Were I enrolled at the University of Alabama, this would all be interesting.

Were I enrolled at Clemson, this would all be interesting.

Otherwise … who gives a fuck?

I mean that. What is even slightly interesting about two enormous football powers yet against meeting for the national championship? What, exactly, is the suspense? Whether this rich asshole coach betters that rich asshole coach? Whether the post-game interview features someone saying—straight-faced—”Nobody thought we’d be here today!” Whether only five, or 10, or 15 football players contract COVID?

I’m being sincere: How is it fun to watch the same shit over and over and over again? What does winning actually mean if you are all but guaranteed to win?

Alabama spends gazillions on football.

Clemson spends gazillions on football.

They both bore me to death.

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