Did Ted Cruz cheat in 2016?

On February 3, 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump Tweeted this in the aftermath of the Iowa caucus …

To be clear, he accused Ted Cruz of cheating. Accused him of fraud. Accused him of doing something dirty to the election process. And he demanded there be an election do-over. Here’s an article from the next day’s Arizona Daily Star …

In case you don’t feel like reading a four-year-old political piece, Cruz’ response to Trump’s claim was that the future president was, “losing it.”

Trump, however, kept going. As the article indicates, he laid out a list of Cruz cheating tactics. He said Cruz sent out a mailer that illegally resembled an official notice. He said Cruz circulated a false rumor that Ben Carson was dropped out of the race. “Many people,” Trump wrote, “voted for Cruz over Carson because of this Cruz fraud.”

Finally, Cruz let loose with a strongly worded quote of his own …

“Donald Trump guaranteed a victory in Iowa and then he lost,” he said. “And he doesn’t like that. And his reaction is that he breaks down, he really has problems.”

Cruz was right.

But now it’s 2020. And he needs that MAGA love.

Democracy be damned.

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